City Chic Nuptials: Fiesta!

Last we left off, we had finished up rehearsal and walked over to the restaurant for our rehearsal dinner.  If you’ll remember, we planned a fiesta theme…and I am happy to say all my fun projects and centerpieces turned out really great!

So we ate, we talked, we had people fill out our advice cards…and then we handed out our gifts.  And then—AND THEN—I fell on my ass.

Literally, I fell on my ass.  Down three steps.  And totally cried my eyes out and felt so embarrassed…and got a huge bruise on my arm.

I can look back at it now and laugh, but honestly, at that moment, it ruined my night.  I cried a lot and was a complete emotional wreck after the fall…and I will admit that I HATE that that is pretty much the only memory I have of our rehearsal dinner. 

So, here’s the pictures to remind both you and me that despite me falling on my ass, it was a really fun time!

Bride and Groom, getting ready to hand out gifts!
I really love this photo of us–it is one of my favorites
from the whole weekend, actually.

Handing out gifts—not sure what the heck I am doing here, haha.

Me with a  few of my girlfriends

My mom showing off the diamond rings we got our mothers!

Brad and some of his friends

Andrew and Guido showing off part of their groomsmen gifts

UGLY CRY FACE.  This is post-fall, obviously.  My mother-in-law gifted me with a beautiful necklace for being her first daughter, so I was crying about that from happiness, too!  (Oh, and hello, boobage.)

Me with my family.  Um, typical.

And our new combined families!

The one thing I didn’t get a picture of was me and my bridesmaids.  I really wish I would have done that!  So note for you future brides out there:  hand someone your camera and tell them what you photos you want.  We were lucky in that we have a lot of snap-happy friends and family who took tons of photos for us, but I still miss that shot of my bridesmaids.

Speaking of photos, remember all those projects I did for the rehearsal dinner?  Well, they all turned out great.  The advice cards were really fun and they have been awesome to read over the course of our marriage so far—I actually have a separate post planned to show you how we are storing and saving those!  Our photog also snapped a bunch of great photos of some of our rehearsal dinner details (I had a lot of the stuff stored in my hotel room)!  Here they are:

The nametags
Photo by
Sarah Immel Photography

Advice Cards
The Advice Cards
Photo by
Sarah Immel Photography

Bridesmaid Gift Bags
Photo by
Sarah Immel Photography

And our centerpieces!
Photo by
Sarah Immel Photography

And with that, we were ready to get married.  I headed back to the hotel and Dr. Groomy stayed out a little longer with his friends.  I was really tired, really emotional, and feeling all sorts of different things.  So here’s my advice, kids:  don’t sweat something small (like falling on your ass) but don’t deny yourself those feelings either.  I was really glad I got everything out on Friday instead of being really sad/fucked up/emotional on our actual wedding day.  It’s OK to feel that way—getting married is a huge thing and a lot of times, the planning gets in the way of really wrapping our heads around that.  Take some time and really reflect upon it!

Next week starts the actual wedding day recaps…woo woo!  Stay tuned!

Missed something?
First I got a mani-pedi with my sister, then I cried.
Next, we headed to church to rehearse.

*All pictures by my friend Jenna, unless otherwise noted.



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20 responses to “City Chic Nuptials: Fiesta!

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  2. Better to ugly cry at the rehearsal dinner than at the wedding.

    I ugly cried at the wedding. It was horrible. I think because I hadn’t cried in weeks it was just piling up until I spazzed otu.

  3. Yay for recaps!!! 🙂 I think your advice here at the end is really valuable — a lot of times, we wrap ourselves up in the planning so much we don’t deal with the emotions that go along with it — and it has to get out somehow!

    That said, I am sorry that you fell! FWIW, I’ve totally fell down those exact same steps at that bar…they can be tricky. 😉 All of your decor turned out super cute!

  4. Oh, I had my ugly cry during the rehearsal dinner too. I agree with you about letting yourself feel those sucky feelings BEFORE wedding day, so you don’t need to ON wedding day. I felt happy and relaxed on our wedding day so it was good I got all the crying out beforehand.

    SO excited for the rest of your recaps!!!

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  8. Loved your advice cards too.. such a cute idea that I also have to borrow for our rehearsal! It’s all about the details! 🙂 Looking forward to the advice card post! Also, thanks for the name tag idea. So simple but I think it’d be cute for the bridal party to have them at the rehearsal!

    p.s. loved the picture of you handing out gifts. HILARIOUS!

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