City Chic Nuptials: Meanwhile…

As the girls finished up at the salon and my remaining bridesmaids caught up with us at the hotel…


…the guys were doing their own thing.  They had a leisurely morning hanging out at the hotel and then headed up to Cathedral Square (coincidentally, the park near the church where our ceremony would take place later that day) for a chili contest!  Dr. Groomy loves chili—and anything spicy in general—so this was an awesome find:  various local restaurants were presenting their chili for a taste contestThe guys had lunch and hung out at the chili contest, even running into and hanging out with our priest!  Afterwards, they headed back to the hotel to get ready.

They had their boutonnieres attached:



And of course, there was a lot little of this going on, too:


But mostly, they just hung out:


Dr. Groomy made sure they stayed on schedule:*


And posed for a few quick handsome photos, too:



He also opened my gifts to him.  I gave him an album of boudoir photos (which he set aside to look at later when the guys weren’t with him) and these socks, which I made for fun.


After that, the boys were ready!  And with the clock ticking down, Dr. Groomy took a few introspective photos…



And got ready to head to the church.  Up next, the girls get ready!

*Here is the part where I tell that you that at this point, one of our groomsmen was missing.  As in, was supposed to be at the hotel and wasn’t there.  And wasn’t answering his phone.  I’ll delve into the whole story later on, but needless to say, the guys started to get worried…

Missed something?
First I got a mani-pedi with my sister, then I cried.
Next, we headed to church to rehearse.
After that, we had a fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.

In the morning, we went to the salon to get our hair done.

**All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.



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17 responses to “City Chic Nuptials: Meanwhile…

  1. That’s hilarious that the guys went to a chili contest!

    The bouts looked great. I hope there’s a happy ending to the missing groomsman story!

  2. UncleTD

    Who is the larger-set gentlemen standing there very GQ-like in the corner of the room? My goodness…I…err…he should have charged money for those ridiculously handsome poses. I mean…REALLY…

    That, and he couldn’t have cared less about the damn Badger game being streamed live on the laptop sitting on the desk next to the water-guzzling best man. But I…err…he digresses.

  3. amg

    I remember reading about that chili contest! 🙂 That’s awesome that they went & checked it out.

  4. So funny they went to a chili contest! And hopefully the missing groomsmen turned up ok! Scary!

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  7. Like i’ve mentioned before, loved the “cold feet” idea! So cute! If you have that template still I’d love it if you’re willing to share it! 🙂
    These pictures of him turned out great. I especially love the one of him looking at the itenterary! Haha

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