City Chic Nuptials: Back In My Hotel Room…

While the guys were hanging out and getting ready downstairs in the best man’s room, the girls were up in my room getting dressed and ready.

We had some water & snacks from the out of town bags…



As the flowers arrived!


Sarah snapped some photos of our rings…


…while I admired my bouquet.


After that, I helped my mom and grandmother with their corsages:



Then, it was time for the girls to get into their dresses!  They were hung up all pretty on the hangers I had made them…




After they were dressed and putting on their makeup, my gift from Dr. Groomy arrived. The girls looked on as I opened it up.

I love this photo, don’t they look so pretty?!



During the week of the wedding, Dr. Groomy gifted me with a brand new camera, which he gave to me before the wedding day so I could use it for all of the week’s events.  He also got me a little something fun to open up on our actual wedding day to be used for the honeymoon—Table Topics!  It has cards that ask discussion questions like, “Who were you surprised to see talking together at the reception?” and “What’s your best memory of our courtship?”  We took them out to dinner with us one night in Napa, and it was really fun to talk about all those things!

Then, it was time for ME to start thinking about getting ready.  Sarah snapped some photos of my somethings:

Somethings old (purse & ring) and borrowed (rosary)

Something blue (my True Blue perfume!)

And of course, my something new.



And you can’t forget my shoes!




She also grabbed a few snaps of my accessories…


And that intinerary Dr. Groomy was so good about following:

Itinerary Blurred

And of course, my favorite shot of our rings.

Scherm0049LSeriously, I love this photo and sort of want to frame it for our house.  Would that be weird?  I feel like it really looks artsy and hip and
I LOVE that it features our wedding date!

And then it was time for me to become a bride, officially.  Stay tuned!

Missed something?
First I got a mani-pedi with my sister, then I cried.
Next, we headed to church to rehearse.
After that, we had a fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.

In the morning, we went to the salon to get our hair done.
Meanwhile, the guys went to a chili contest and got ready at the hotel.

*All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.



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20 responses to “City Chic Nuptials: Back In My Hotel Room…

  1. I love all the details with your monogram! I don’t think it would be weird to frame that last photo (it’s gorgeous) as long as it wasn’t too big and you put it in the right spot I think it would look great!

  2. That itinerary looks very, very similar to the one we had for our wedding! 🙂 Love the shoes — can’t wait to see you in your entire “getup”!

  3. stephanie

    i love your recaps amy! you looked beautiful.
    also , I have a theory about your little kerfuffule @ the rehersal dinner: it’s the way you worked out your nerves!!! I had a huge tantrum right before my RD. LOL.

  4. You had so many pretty details! I love everything – the flowers, your BM dresses, your accessories and of course your dress.

    I think it’s fine to frame the rings photo. It is artistic, as you said. You could put it on the wall next to other wedding photos of you and your hubby. Why not?

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I LOVE that last shot of your shoes!

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  7. You were so organized! Love it. These detail shots are awesome! Your photographer did a great job caputuring all the details of your big day!

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  19. Stacy Dugmore

    i am just wondering if you have a template or if you could send me a copy of your itinerary? I am struggling to make mine and make sure I don’t miss anything.

  20. amyc13

    Hi Stacy,

    I actually used a template I found on Weddingbee from Mrs. Daffodil. I have to warn you ahead of time, it’s pretty extensive! It can be found here:

    If that is too involved for you, here is a link to the timeline wiki on Weddingbee as well. There are many sample timelines there you can pick and choose from.

    Hope that helps!

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