City Chic Nuptials: I Become A Bride!

And then, finally, it was time for me to put on my dress. 


My mom and my sister helped me…




…while my bridesmaids looked on.


A quick zip…


A little adjustment on my veil…


And there I was, in my dress!


Scherm0119LHoly crap, I’m getting married today!

Up next came the jewelry…




And then the shoes…



…a little help with my garter…



And then a quick swipe of lipstick.


Deep breath…


…and a smile…


And with that, I was a bride.



Stay tuned for one of my favorite moments of the day…


Missed something?
First I got a mani-pedi with my sister, then I cried.
Next, we headed to church to rehearse.
After that, we had a fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.

In the morning, we went to the salon to get our hair done.
Meanwhile, the guys went to a chili contest and got ready at the hotel.
Back in my hotel room, the girls got ready.

*All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.



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17 responses to “City Chic Nuptials: I Become A Bride!

  1. Yayyyy, the dress! 🙂 You were such a beautiful bride – I love how sparkly/lacey your dress is! And, the “holy crap I’m getting married today” picture is too cute.

  2. You were such a pretty bride! Loved these pictures, especially of your bridesmaids looking on… how special! The holy crap Im getting married face is hilarious and so cute! Love it!

  3. You were gorgeous! I love those last few shots of you. Your red nails and shoes were awesome too!

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  5. Dancy

    I seriously love your gown… and the red nails and shoes, and and and… :O)

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  14. I LOVE this post. It actually left me breathless.

    Also- must know. Where did you find your bangles? I’m trying to find something similar, and everything so far has come up short!

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