Super Bowl!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled recaps to take a quick time-out:

The Green Bay PACKERS
are in the SUPER BOWL this weekend.

Do you know what this means to me?

No, seriously, you do not get it.  I am the BIGGEST Packers fan ever.  To the point that I go into conniptions during the games.  Like the NFC Championship?  Um, yeah.  I had to LOCK MYSELF IN THE BATHROOM during the last two minutes of the game because I was so amped up/stressed out that I couldn’t handle watching it.

Green Beer

Afterwards, we toasted to the coach with green beers (hello, food coloring) and celebrated the fact that finally, our boys are going back to the Big Game!  And we’ve finally moved past that effing douchebag Brett Favre.  He is an epic douche…with a tiny penis (The article, from Dead Spin, is ok, but the video is definitely NSFW).

[Sorry, was that vulgar?  Well, too bad.  It’s true!]

So, needless to say, I am quite excited about this weekend.  We are having peeps over and it is going to be off-the-hook.  I’m sure this song will be on repeat:

So, until next week, Go Pack Go!



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3 responses to “Super Bowl!

  1. That is hysterical that you locked yourself in the bathroom! haha I will be cheering on your boys as well, and I have my Green Bay cupcake flags all ready to go!! 🙂

  2. Go Packers! 🙂 I’ll be watching the game at my parent’s home, but hubs is going out to a bar to visit one of his friends who flew in from Boston to watch the game. Yes, it was that important to him to watch it in Milwaukee! (And, I can’t see the video you have embedded – at work – but I have a sneaking suspicion that the lyrics are “green and yellow, green and yellow, green and yellow, green and yellow….”) 😉

  3. Go Packers! 🙂 Enjoy!

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