“I Won’t Marry You Until I Have A Job”

Sorry, this is too cute not to share.

{Via this Huff Post Comedy Story}

Did any of you have any goals you had to meet before you decided to take the plunge and get married?



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4 responses to ““I Won’t Marry You Until I Have A Job”

  1. This is too cute! I don’t think I was consciously aware of the goals I had for myself…but I am sure I had them. Before we were married, we had spent years investing in our careers, had traveled a great deal independently, and lived alone. We were full-fledged grownups with 401Ks and our childhood baggage was on it’s way to being worked out. We also had dated a great deal and knew what we wanted out of a Commitment. If there was a checklist, I think I checked every box before we decided to start a whole new list together.

  2. That is hilarious. We didn’t have any goals either. We sort of figured it would be smart to live together for a while first, but we (Christopher, mostly) decided to get married when we realized we couldn’t live without each other. It helped a lot in the long run because being engaged meant we really were in it for the long haul, and where one of us went, so did the other one…as was the case with our move to the Mitten…

  3. This is adorable! We had a few goals in mind before we got married — mainly, to be financially stable enough to afford our wedding! — but, um, “having a job” was a key component to that! 🙂

  4. I can’t view it at work, boo!
    No, I didn’t need to get anything done before I got married. We’ve been dating since high school and have already been through so much together, so it just feels natural to continue on with life with my partner. He’s really been there for me through college and all and it’s been wonderful!

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