City Chic Nuptials: Night Shots

Soon enough, the dance floor was packed.  Our guests were having a great time!



So, with everyone occupied, our photographer decided to grab us for just a few more fun shots in and around our reception venue.  Here’s a sampling!



This next series has a cute story to go with it.  We were taking photos and my Uncle Tom, who lives in Colorado and we never see, decided to pop into the shots.  They turned out so cute and are some of my favorite photos!




Then we headed outside in front of the building.  Most of these photos are in black and white, but I just LOVE the way they look.









Lastly, we came inside and headed up to the balcony to take it all in.   The night was coming to a close, and soon our wedding day would be over…



Missed something?
First I got a mani-pedi with my sister, then I cried.
Next, we headed to church to rehearse.
After that, we had a fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.

In the morning, we went to the salon to get our hair done.
Meanwhile, the guys went to a chili contest and got ready at the hotel.
Back in my hotel room, the girls got ready.
Then, I put on my dress and officially became a bride.

Next, we headed to church!
Everything was set and we found out what happened to the missing groomsman.
Then it was finally time to head down the aisle.
The ceremony happened and we got married!
Afterwards, we signed the marriage license and took photos in the sanctuary.
Then, we hopped on our school bus and headed to Lake Park for more photos!

Meanwhile, our guests enjoyed the cocktail hour and all of our reception details.
We had the Grand March and cut the wedding cake.
Dinner was served, and the speeches were given.
Dancing started, and we did all of our special dances right away.

*All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.



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11 responses to “City Chic Nuptials: Night Shots

  1. I love the shots of you on the street, as well as the silhouetted pictures — gorgeous!

  2. The one of him looking at you and you looking at the camera is my favorite photo so far!

    That’s my work building…it’s so weird to see it in BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  3. Dancy

    OMG the one of you 2 in the street?? Totally out of a wedding mag. I love it!

  4. I love all the black and white photos! Stunning. 🙂

  5. Jenna

    gotta say, never even noticed you two were gone- we must have been very entertained! Just a few details though MIA: the videotape message from Guido, pic of the deodorant attempt that was funny but a definite fail.

  6. Ali

    (also something to note: Uncle Tom is a marriage coach with Rose, and he looks like he’s coaching you two in those pictures)

  7. Amy

    Hi Jenna! I actually talked about the deodorant pictures in another post:

    And I didn’t include the Guido videotape story because we weren’t really there for it. It’s funny to watch though!

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  9. I stumbled on your blog while I was googling “bathroom baskets” and now I’m 15 mins late for meeting my friend for breakfast because I could not tear myself away from the story of your wedding day. You and “Dr. Groomy” are magnetic and truly beautiful. I haven’t finished the whole thing because French Toast awaits! Back later to cry some more over your gorgeous wedding.

  10. (Oh yeah, and I still don’t know what to do with my bathroom baskets–that aren’t even for a wedding!!)

  11. amyc13

    Emily, this is such a nice comment. I appreciate readers like you so much! 🙂

    I hope when you’re done with this blog you’ll come on over to my current blog, I have been a little lax on posting lately, but I’ve got some big news to announce there soon and then my posts will definitely pick back up!

    What are your bathroom baskets for? Maybe I can help you think of some ideas! Thank you again so much for your sweet comment!

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