City Chic Nuptials: The Last Hurrah

After we had our mini-photo shoot, we re-joined our guests on the dance floor.  And boy, was it an amazing time!





We are rocking out to Lady Gaga in the above two photos.  Obviously.

Yes, I was a beer bottle bride.  Ain’t no shame!

These two are getting married this year in Vail.  I can only imagine the antics we’ll take part in at their wedding. 

There was some mingling, too…





And of course, there was more singing.  There’s a tradition in our family—everyone who gets married experiences it.  All of the women from my mom’s side of the family gather in the center of the dance floor and serenade the bride and groom with a rousing rendition of “Going to the Chapel.”  Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of this because our photog had already left for the evening, but it was a memory I’ll keep forever! 

So, we danced and had a great time.  At one point, I snuck up to the balcony to take it all in.  I watched our guests mingle and dance and tried to suck in every spectacular moment of the day.


See Madison lifting her arms in glee?  That’s what the whole day felt like to me.

Wow.  Our wedding!  That I had spent nearly two years planning! 

It was amazing.


And with that, my recaps are over.  I can hardly believe it!  After the reception, we headed out to the bars to continue celebrating, but I don’t have any pictures of this.  I woke up the next day with a terrible hangover, but it was worth it—we had such an AMAZING time all day long and capping it off with a bar run with some close friends was a great way to end the day.  As was the amazing hot dog I ate on the walk back to the hotel at 2am—best hot dog of my life, I swear.  HA! 

Fear not, though, gang—I’ll be back with a few more posts yet this week.  I have a few post-wedding projects I’d like to share, plus I plan to address the two issues I alluded to in this post.  And of course, an introduction to my new blog!  Stay tuned.


Missed something?
First I got a mani-pedi with my sister, then I cried.
Next, we headed to church to rehearse.
After that, we had a fiesta-themed rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.

In the morning, we went to the salon to get our hair done.
Meanwhile, the guys went to a chili contest and got ready at the hotel.
Back in my hotel room, the girls got ready.
Then, I put on my dress and officially became a bride.

Next, we headed to church!
Everything was set and we found out what happened to the missing groomsman.
Then it was finally time to head down the aisle.
The ceremony happened and we got married!
Afterwards, we signed the marriage license and took photos in the sanctuary.
Then, we hopped on our school bus and headed to Lake Park for more photos!

Meanwhile, our guests enjoyed the cocktail hour and all of our reception details.
We had the Grand March and cut the wedding cake.
Dinner was served, and the speeches were given.
Dancing started, and we did all of our special dances right away.
We slipped away to have another photo shoot while our guests partied down.

*All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.



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5 responses to “City Chic Nuptials: The Last Hurrah

  1. bree!

    this post made me extremely happy! it made my heart happy too

  2. I love the pics with the sunglasses. They made an appearance at our reception too! Your reception looked like a blast. 🙂 It’s been great reliving your wedding with you!

  3. Jill Johnson

    We had a wonderful time at your wedding it was so beautiful!!! I really am looking forward to keeping in touch through you blogs. You are an awesome story teller!! GO PACK GO!!! Maybe we can get to a game together this year!! Tell Brad I said hey!!

  4. Awww, it looks like you had so much fun — love the sunglasses! (Also..does this mean you’re getting closer to revealing your post-wedding blog? hmm?!?) 🙂

  5. Dancy

    Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I’ve really enjoyed following along. You’ve been so good with your recaps. I seriously SUCK at mine. I shouldn’t have started my new blog until after my recaps were done. Serves me right.

    Can’t wait to see your new blog. yay! 🙂

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