Wedding Project Revisited: Family Photos

This is technically TWO wedding projects revisited:  our family wedding photo display and the “I Do” letters we used for our engagement pictures and our cake table.

I Do 2


I spent so much time on the family photo display and I LOVED how it turned out at the wedding…




(all 5 of the above photos by Sarah Immel Photography;
all remaining photos in this post are by me)

…so I knew I definitely wanted to incorporate them into our house somehow.  Thus, our “I Do” gallery wall was born!


This wall is to your left when you enter our apartment.  I hung the I Do letters…


And then hung the pictures in various spots all around!


SIGH, some day I’ll get them all to hang straight.  My type-A tendencies mean that I normally don’t go for willy-nilly gallery walls…and truth be told, I’m usually straightening one or the other every time I walk by, but for now, I really do love the way it turned out!  And look, there’s even a brand new picture up there:


Who could that be?!  Hint:  their names are written in calligraphy at the top of the gallery wall.  HA!

Did you find a way to reuse your family wedding photos?



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5 responses to “Wedding Project Revisited: Family Photos

  1. I love it! We didn’t display family wedding photos at our wedding (both my husband’s and my parents are divorced, so that would have been AWKWARD). But I want to create a gallery wall of other photos in our apartment at some point. We registered for a bunch of frames so now I just have to buckle down and select photos.

  2. It looks fantastic! 🙂 I really want to do a gallery wall somewhere in our house, but haven’t found the right spot yet. Yours looks awesome!

  3. Looks great! I love that you were able to incorporate stuff used for your wedding in your home decor.

  4. That is SO awesome. I love the wedding dress display, and the way you used it in your house afterwards. I am totally attempting to plan ahead things from the wedding I can “recycle” and use in our home afterwards!

  5. Such a wonderful display of your wedding memories – and you get to see them every day! It looks FANTASTIC!!!

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