My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part Two

Read part one here!

We had Michelle’s shower this past Sunday and it was a resounding success!  Time to show you some of the details that really helped make the event.

Remember her invites?  I made all of the paper products for the shower to match the invitation suite.

We had nametags for the bridesmaids and mothers…

Michelle Bridal Shower 013

Michelle Bridal Shower 014

These were made with cardstock, my trusty ol’ Xyron,
and some pins + a glue gun.  Easy peasy!

…and a basket for the silverware.

Michelle Bridal Shower 008

Michelle Bridal Shower 007

I also made tags for the food.  We had some that attached to these Bee stands (found at Hobby Lobby):

Michelle Bridal Shower 015

Michelle Bridal Shower 016

And some that were just folded cardstock:Michelle Bridal Shower 017

I made a gift list for easy recording of all the gifts she received.  It looked like this:

Michelle Bridal Shower 020

…and had a list of all of the RSVPed guests.  I also included a few extra spaces for guests who didn’t RSVP but might have sent a gift or shown up anyways.  The gift list had columns to write down the gifts, if they came with a card, giftcard, or any money, and a place for Michelle to check off when she sends the Thank Yous.  It also had space on page two for any miscellaneous notes!Michelle Bridal Shower 019

In terms of décor, you’ll see a lot of that in my next post…but I did want to give special mention to the centerpieces.  I got these cylindrical vases at the Dollar Store and used ribbons to spice ‘em up a bit!Michelle Bridal Shower 001

There were three different options for ribbons.  Big:Michelle Bridal Shower 002


Michelle Bridal Shower 003

And Little!

Michelle Bridal Shower 004

I bought fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s on the morning of the shower and they turned out lovely.  Sneak peek:

Michelle Bridal Shower 026

More to come this week!  Stay tuned.



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13 responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part Two

  1. Cute! You did a great job. 🙂

  2. Super cute! Love the gift paper and all the special attention to detail! Everything looks so festive! Great job!

  3. Ali

    I feel mad that she didnt put that same effort into your shit. Really mad. And I can be. Especially in cyber space.

  4. Ali

    ** not at her. just at the thought**

  5. Everything looks super cute and coordinated! 🙂 Great job! Also, making a chart for the gifts like that is genius — I think mine ended up scribbled on the back of a “Bride to Be” printed napkin…

  6. I just wanted to say, I categorically enjoyed your blog post and I added your link to my wordpress blog today as a recommended site. This is the blog I was seeing for! Thanks

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