The Post-Wedding Chop

I promise, I will share the last of the shower photos from the My Best Friend’s Wedding series with you tomorrow.  Today, though, I want to share something else—my post wedding chop!

I just had it done yesterday.  Can you believe I hadn’t cut my hair since before our wedding?!  It was AUGUST the last time I got a haircut.  That is crazy to me because usually I am someone who LOVES getting it cut.  Seriously, I used to grow my hair long just to cut it all off.  I guess I’ve changed a little since my younger days!

Enough with the chit-chat, on to the pics.  I was going for a combination of this:


and this:

Hair 2

And I got it, almost exactly.  Here’s my before:


And here’s the after!

Post Wedding Chop 010

I love it. My head feels 10 pounds lighter, haha!  About 9 inches overall were chopped off…I can’t believe I had that much hair.

Did you/will you get a post-wedding chop?  Will you wait to get it cut until almost 7 months after your wedding, like I did?

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10 responses to “The Post-Wedding Chop

  1. It looks AMAZING!!!!!

  2. One word: HOT!
    Two words: Holy moly.

    haha. you look great. I am growing mine out at the moment, not sure why, but I told myself no haircut until baby, I’m thinking that was dumb.

  3. It looks great!! I hadn’t gotten a haircut since long before our wedding, but soon after coming back from our honeymoon I made an appointment. My hair was getting so long and the layers were growing out and I couldn’t stand it anymore!

  4. amyc13

    Thank you so much guys! I swore I was going to come straight home from the honeymoon and cut it…but it just never happened!

  5. Super cute! Love it on you! I also plan to cut my hair after the wedding. I get a lot of compliments on my hair now, and I do love it long but it is so hard to take care of… looking forward to having some easier!

  6. I totally did the same thing 6 months after our wedding… and I’m pretty sure I used that same Heidi Klum pic for reference!!!! Haha. So cute Amy!!

  7. amyc13

    Thanks ladies!

  8. Dancy

    Yay!!! I LOVE those cuts! As soon as I saw J.Anniston’s new do I wanted it. I’m too attached to my bangs though & I don’t think I’d like to wear my hair parted in the middle. Looks good on you though.

  9. brittany r.

    You look wonderful. i actually cut mine shorter after i got married –too short, but i loved the freedom.
    now i have beentrying to grow it back for a year now. i had missed my ponytail .

  10. I actually drove all over looking for someone open on a Sunday to chop off my hair the day after our wedding and the day before we left for the honeymoon. Ended up having to wait until we got back.

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