My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part 3

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Ok, so now that you’ve seen the invitations and the details, it’s time to show you how it all came together on the day of the shower.  I am proud to say that it was a resounding success!

Michelle Bridal Shower 028

We had the shower at a local park, in their community room.  It worked perfectly for the 40 or so women we had attend the shower!  Some examples of the centerpieces…I bought all the flowers at Trader Joe’s, and then at the end of the day, all of the hosts + the bride were able to take an arrangement home.

Michelle Bridal Shower 026  Michelle Bridal Shower 029

Michelle Bridal Shower 027

The community room even had its own kitchen, so that is where we set up the food.

Michelle Bridal Shower 030

Michelle Bridal Shower 034

For the main dish, we offered sandwiches.  Guests had a choice between:

Michelle Bridal Shower 031


Michelle Bridal Shower 032

We also made signs for all the side dishes.  We had things like fruit, veggies, coleslaw, pasta salad, and of course:

Michelle Bridal Shower 033

The spice basket!  It was filled to the brim and then some.  We had every guest bring their favorite spice to share with the bride.

Michelle Bridal Shower 040

Party favors!  Everything was bee or honey themed, and we went all out.  Burt’s Bees chapsticks, honeydew melon candles, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Buns snack treats, mini jars of honey, bee-shaped notepads, bee-shaped nail files…every guest got to take one home.  I wish I had gotten a better close-up on these.  They had cute tags that matched the invites and said “Thank You!”

Michelle Bridal Shower 044

And of course, dessert!  Beehive cupcakes.

Michelle Bridal Shower 025

Aren’t they so freakin’ adorable?!

Michelle Bridal Shower 024

The shower was a really fun time.  We played two short games, but otherwise, it was mostly mix and mingle.  Everyone ate lunch and then B opened her gifts…and that was about it.  It was a really lovely time.  Here is the beautiful bride with all of her shower hosts:

Michelle Bridal Shower 046Left to right:  her mother-in-law, Jolene; sister-in-law, Jenny; friend, Lauren; matron of honor, ME!; the beautiful bride; her mother, Ellen; her sister, Jenny; her other sister, Emily; and her sister-in-law, Jenny.  Yes, they have a lot of Jennys in their family!

Stay tuned!  Next up, I plan the Bachelorette Party.

What was your bridal shower like?  Have you ever had to plan one?



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6 responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part 3

  1. I am dying at how cute those cupcakes are — they’re adorable! 🙂 You did such a fantastic job with everything.

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  3. Those cupcakes are adorable! I just had my bridal shower ( and threw one for my best friend too!)

    I love your blog and will coming back soon 🙂

  4. amyc13

    Aww thank you Shana! Congratulations! I will be posting about her bachelorette party this week at some point too (it’s been crazy, not much time to blog).

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