My Best Friend’s Wedding: Finally, The Bachelorette Party!

So, I’ve already talked about my best tips for planning a baseball-themed bachelorette party AND shown you the awesome gift bags I madeToday, you get to see how the party actually turned out!  Three words: TONS OF FUN.

We met at my house and caravanned to Miller Park in two cars.  Once there, we set up our spread and got to partying!

B Bachelorette Party 001

B Bachelorette Party 002

One of the great things about Miller Park is the ability to tailgate.  And we Wisconsinites are serious about our tailgates—we’re talking tents, stereos, bean bag toss, the whole 9 yards. We had a total blast, grilling out and chilling before the game!

B Bachelorette Party 007   B Bachelorette Party 009

The lovely bride to be:

B Bachelorette Party 003

Instead of your traditional “bachelorette” crown or sash, I made her a button—I took a regular Brewers pin and added the “Bride” ribbons to it.  It was perfect for B—not too flashy but still marked her as the bride!

After grilling out and chilling in the parking lot for awhile, we headed into the game. 

B Bachelorette Party 010

Of course, we had to stop and take a few pictures in the “big glove!”

B Bachelorette Party 014

And then we headed up to our seats.  We were waaaaaay up there in the nosebleeds, but it was so much fun.  And we brought in our “Congrats, Michelle!” banner!

B Bachelorette Party 016

B Bachelorette Party 017

After the game was over, we headed back to our cars.  Most of the guests headed home, but Lauren, Jenny, Beezus and I headed out to one of our favorite bars.  We shared a few pitchers and had a great time, then took a cab home & called it a night!

It was a really fun bachelorette party & I know the bride had a great time.  Stay tuned—up next I’ll be recapping the wedding!

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  1. Bachelorette parties are always fun! I will always remember having a good time with my girls in San Francisco 🙂

    xoxo, Ana
    PS: Check out my giveaway !

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