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Farewell, For Now.*

Well, I think it’s time to put this blog to bed.  I don’t have much to post here anymore and I don’t really post anything on a too frequent basis.  I’ll definitely leave the blog up so you can check out all my DIYs (remember, there’s a DIY tab at the top of the page), and you can definitely still comment on any post to get a hold of me (I no longer use the email address associated with this blog).  Please come visit me at my other blog, The Bookworm Wife, where I post my musings on life, books, food, home décor, crafts and more.


Photo by Sarah Immel Photography 

It’s been a great ride and I have loved sharing my wedding planning journey with you all! 

*I may post again someday, if I think something really deserves to be posted here.  I don’t think I can ever close the book on this blog entirely!



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