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My [Other] Best Friend’s Wedding

I think I forgot to mention this previously, but guess what?!  My other BFF, Kristin (also known as KDoc), just got engaged and is getting married in December!  [Yes, I am one of those people with multiple BFFs.  Deal with it, please.]  She also asked me to be a bridesmaid, so I’ll be covering her wedding here as well—hooray!  Tons more wedding fun for you guys to ogle.

We started out the wedding festivities last night by going with Kristin to try on bridesmaid dresses and see her top three choices for a wedding gown.  This is going to be a picture heavy post, so grab a cup ‘o joe and pull up a seat.  Here we go!

We arrived at David’s Bridal and got right to work.  I snapped KDoc & her maid of honor (her sister), Lauren, heading into the dressing room to try on gowns.

Kristin's Dress Appointment 001

And then we saw Kristin’s four top choices for gowns.

Choice 1:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 002   Kristin's Dress Appointment 003
This gown was definitely more my style than Kristin’s.  We all loved the lacey, sparkly overlay on the top of the dress, but it didn’t really scream “KDoc” to us.

Choice 2:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 004   Kristin's Dress Appointment 005
This gown was definitely more my friend Hayley’s style than Kristin.  This dress shopping experience was very much a tale of the three bears—er, three dresses.  One was my style, one was Hayley’s style, and one was definitely JUST the right one for Kristin!

Choice 3:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 019   Kristin's Dress Appointment 020 This gown was gorgeous but it was definitely the most expensive one.  We all loved it, but felt it was a little too poofy on the bottom.  Regardless though, this was another great option!

Choice 4:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 011   Kristin's Dress Appointment 012
This dress was absolutely lovely—the best of the bunch.  Just what I would picture her in!

In between KDoc’s dress changes, I got my Royal Wedding on:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 015

Kristin's Dress Appointment 018LOVED all those crazy hats at the Royal Wedding!  I definitely want an excuse to buy and wear one!

And then she picked and accessorized the winning dress!  Obviously, it was Choice 4:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 036

…which she paired with a hair flower, a dainty veil, and some gorgeous jewelry that the three of us bridesmaids decided to gift her with (she wouldn’t have purchased it for herself otherwise, and we thought it was so gorgeous and beautiful and PERFECT for her).

Kristin's Dress Appointment 034

Kristin's Dress Appointment 031 
Close up of the veil

Kristin's Dress Appointment 035 
Close up of the necklace!  It had drop earrings to match.

We took a moment to wax poetic about her side bustle:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 042

Kristin's Dress Appointment 043
(She’s going with the second photo)

…and then it was time to try on the bridesmaid dress we were 99% sure we were going with!  Awesomely enough, David’s Bridal had the dresses available for all of us to try on in our exact sizes and the exact color.  So we got to see what it will really look like instead of picturing it with swatches!

Kristin's Dress Appointment 024LOVE the pockets.

Kristin's Dress Appointment 026
The three bridesmaids, goofing around.  Left to right:  me, Hayley, Lauren

Kristin's Dress Appointment 028
And us with the lovely bride! (Please excuse my waving hand, I was about to stick it in my pocket.)

KDoc also decided that since it’s a winter wedding, she wanted to accessorize with a bolero or wrap.  She decided on a white fur wrap to go with her dress, and we all decided that the bridesmaids would get brown wraps (their wedding colors are this clover green and cocoa).  Here’s what the wraps look like, but in white (picture them in a nice brown fur color):

Kristin's Dress Appointment 030   Kristin's Dress Appointment 023

And then we ordered everything up and headed outta there!  It was a really fun night and I am so excited to bring you more about this wedding in the future.  In the meantime, I’ll be back early next week to post about the goodie bags & favors for Beezus’s wedding!

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I’ll be dividing future posts in this series by the bride’s name!

And in the meantime, have you checked out my new blog?



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It Fits!

I just received these pictures in my inbox:

Cass 1

Cass 2

Which means it’s official…the flower girl dress can be checked off the list!  (Side note:  it looks really pink in this picture, but it is actually a nice shade of deep red.  It matches my wedding shoes nearly perfectly!)

She’s going to wear gold flats with the dress, and carry a pomander of light flowers (ivory and gold colors).  I’m so excited that this dress will work—it is a perfect fit for our wedding!

Was finding the right flower girl dress trouble for you?


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Dressing Up

A long time ago, I showed you the dress my mom bought.  [Don’t click, Dr. Groomy, there is a dress photo of me in that post as well!]  Today, I thought I’d show you the dress my mother-in-law got!

First, I have to say that I am a really lucky girl.  My in-laws are, in a word, theshit[dot]com.  I love them and am so happy to be joining their family!  My mother-in-law called me a few weeks ago and asked me to come up and look at a dress contender for the wedding. She ended up getting the dress we looked at,  because we all thought it was so gorgeous on her!  Here she is:

Mary Sue's dress 005 
Gorgeous, no?  She is having it altered a bit of course…the jacket will fit better and she would like to have straps put on the dress.  Here it is without the jacket:

Mary Sue's dress 001

And just for kicks, here we are double checking the price and style number.

Mary Sue's dress 006 (Just provin’ I was there, yo!)

I think it is a gorgeous dress and it looks marvelous on her.  The moms are going to be two hot numbers at our wedding, that’s for sure!

Did you go shopping with your mom and mother-in-law for their dresses?


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A Dress for My Little Lady, Take Two

…or the post I call “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.”

Last we spoke about this, I had ordered a really cute flower girl dress that came in MUCH too burgundy.  It looked like this, remember?


Alas, it was super cute but I had to return it.  Wrong color. 

I took many of your suggestions and searched in a lot of different stores, both online and in person.  In the end though, I went back to the one online retailer that I would recommend hands down because they have the most awesome customer service, greatest return policy EVER (hello, a full year to complete returns?!) and they ship right quick (case in point:  I ordered the dress yesterday and it arrived today).  Who am I talking about?  Why,

Zappos  (Source)

of course!  Seriously, though…Zappos rocks my face off.  I will never order clothes or shoes online from anyone else.

Ok, enough with the Zappos Love Fest…would you like to see the contender for Flower Girl Dress?


Back  (All photos by me unless noted)

It’s gonna be wicked cute.  It’s damn near the color of my shoes, so the color is definitely spot on…and the beading at the waist matches some of the beading on my dress.  All that’s left is for Cass to try it on, and providing it fits, we have a winner!  I’m super psyched.

Are you having a flower girl in your wedding?

*I know, two posts from me in one day.  Exciting, hey?  I have SO much to post about that I didn’t know where to fit this one in.  It’s gonna be a busy blog for the next few weeks!


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The Color of Relief

I received a wonderful phone call the other day…our bridesmaid dresses are in—two months early!

You can imagine my excitement at this news…but I have a little confession to make:  I was secretly apprehensive about the dress we had chosen.  Actually, let me clarify—I wasn’t nervous about the dress, per say, but I was really concerned about the COLOR the dress would end up being.

Here’s the story.  When we tried on and selected the dress, the store did not have a swatch card of the color available to give to me.  You see, the store had actually LOST the swatch card for that specific designer, and hadn’t gotten a new one in…so our salesperson wasn’t sure what the exact color would be.    Umm, ok?  The salesperson cut me a swatch—from an actual dress by the same designer—in what we hoped was the color we’d be getting.  I’ve been using that swatch to match ribbons and do various projects since then, so needless to say, I was more than a little nervous about the color. 

Two of my bridesmaids went to pick up their dresses yesterday, and I am happy to say that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!  The color is just what I was expecting…a warm gold tone.  The proof is in the pictures—behold, my lovely bridesmaid K!

Bridesmaid Dress 1

Bridesmaid Dress 2

I was thinking that I would want the girls to wear red shoes to go with the red flowers they’ll be carrying (and to match my awesome red shoes!), so she took a shoe shot for me as well so I could see.

Bridesmaid Dress 3

Looks pretty good, no?  I have yet to see the dresses in person (I am going to pick up my sister’s and one of my other bridesmaid’s tomorrow), but so far from these pictures, I am happy!

Whew!  Did you have any nerves about the dresses you chose for your ‘maids?

*All pictures are provided by my bridesmaid K…I believe they were taken on her smart phone?


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Dr. Tuxtable

What?!  Lame title, I know, but come on—you try coming up with new and exciting titles every day!

Obviously, we went shopping for tuxes.  And I think we found one Dr. Groomy loves!  We will be renting them from the same shop where I bought my dress, as well as where we got our bridesmaid dresses from.  If you can do this, I highly recommend it—usually you can get some great discounts (example:  our groomsmen will get 30% off the regular price of their tuxes!). 

We went to the shop on a week night, which I also highly recommend if you can swing it.  It wasn’t very busy so we basically had the run of the place, which was nice.  Here’s a few of the tuxes Dr. Groomy tried on:

Miscellaneous 032 Doesn’t he look just thrilled to be having his picture taken?

Dr. Groomy wear suits and ties daily for work, so he knows what he likes and doesn’t like—making this process pretty painless!  He prefers two and three button coats as opposed to four button or more, and he likes actual lapels instead of flaps or no lapel (which, by the way, I think are the weirdest looking coats ever).  And although I love the look of bow-ties (seriously, my heart palpitates just thinking about it), Dr. Groomy hates them and prefers regular ties instead. Sigh.  You win some, you lose some—he’s the one who has to wear the tux all day!

Another option:

Miscellaneous 034

So, I’m not going to lie, they all look pretty much the same to me.  This one has shiny satin on the lapels, if you can look a little closer:

Lapels 1(Sorry the picture quality is not that great here) 

But alas, we thought that was a bit too shiny.  Instead, we selected a tux that has just the opposite effect:

Miscellaneous 035 Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

This tux has satin on the outside of the lapels, but is a little less shiny than the previous tux.  It’s by Perry Ellis Evening, and here’s what it looks like all done up:


Ok, so this is the tux with the satin insets, not the one with the satin as the outline of the lapel…but they look pretty much the same when they’re all done up and I couldn’t find one of the satin outline…so you’ll have to use your imagination!

As far as the tie and vest goes, we decided to go with a black vest for the groomsmen, fathers, and ushers, as we couldn’t find a vest that matched the gold of the bridesmaid dresses exactly.  We did, however, find a tie that matched perfectly!  So as of right now, the groomsmen, ushers, and fathers will wear black vests with gold ties, and the groom will wear an ivory vest with ivory tie. 

One of the best things is that we can definitely change our minds on the style if we want to.  So when we take Dr. Groomy to get measured in a few months, he can double check and make sure that he likes all the selections that we made. 

Overall, this process was pretty painless and a lot less difficult than I thought it would be!  Are you renting tuxes for your wedding?  What was the process like for you?

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted.


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A Dress for My Little Lady (Take One)

So I’ve talked about my dress…and I’ve talked about my mom’s dress…and I’ve talked about the bridesmaid dressesbut I haven’t really talked about our flower girl!

This is my dear sweet goddaughter Cassidy:

Cass 1 
I can remember clear as a bell the day she was born, during the summer between my junior and senior year of college.  Cass is my cousin Erin’s daughter, and I spent every Friday of that senior year taking care of her for the day while Erin and her husband Frank were at work.  I’ve watched her grow up from a teeny-tiny little baby to a super-cute and sassy 5-soon-to-be-6-year-old.  Evidence:

Cass & Chase
(With her little brother, Chase.  Something tells me he doesn’t want to pose for the picture, haha!)

She’s an absolute doll, and we’re best buds whenever we’re together.  I knew when Brad and I got engaged that there would be no question who our flower girl was!  (Coincidentally, Brad also has a godson the same age, who will be our ring bearer—more on him at a later date.  It worked out perfectly that both of our godchildren will be in our wedding!)

If you’ll remember, our color palette is black, ivory, gold and red. 

The bridesmaids are wearing gold, but I thought it would be really cute and tie things together if Cass wore a red dress.  The primary criteria for the dress are that I’d like it to be inexpensive, match the formality of the wedding and red.  I have been looking all over the ‘net and I always peruse the girls’ section whenever I go shopping, but until last week, I hadn’t found anything that tripped my trigger.  Until this:

Flower Girl

I found this adorable flower girl dress at, and immediately ordered it in two sizes.  The best part?  At a cost of $37.99, it was a steal!

I received the dress in the mail a few days later, and sadly, it was not the right color.  I should have known, since despite its lovely red color in the picture, the description red “Flower Girl Dress in Burgundy.”  And burgundy it was!  Behold:



Alas, so cute, but just not the color I was looking for.  So for now, the dresses are on their way back to Overstock and it’s back to the drawing board for me. Stay tuned!

Are you having little ones in your wedding?  Where did you get their attire from?  If you have any suggestions for me, by all means, please share!

*All photos by me or Cass’ mom Erin, unless otherwise noted.  And yes, that is my office…and about 1/3 of the files I deal with on a daily basis.  Crazy, right?!


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