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The Post-Wedding Chop

I promise, I will share the last of the shower photos from the My Best Friend’s Wedding series with you tomorrow.  Today, though, I want to share something else—my post wedding chop!

I just had it done yesterday.  Can you believe I hadn’t cut my hair since before our wedding?!  It was AUGUST the last time I got a haircut.  That is crazy to me because usually I am someone who LOVES getting it cut.  Seriously, I used to grow my hair long just to cut it all off.  I guess I’ve changed a little since my younger days!

Enough with the chit-chat, on to the pics.  I was going for a combination of this:


and this:

Hair 2

And I got it, almost exactly.  Here’s my before:


And here’s the after!

Post Wedding Chop 010

I love it. My head feels 10 pounds lighter, haha!  About 9 inches overall were chopped off…I can’t believe I had that much hair.

Did you/will you get a post-wedding chop?  Will you wait to get it cut until almost 7 months after your wedding, like I did?

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A Math Lesson

What do you get when take this:

Hair 1

plus this:

Hair 2


Answer:  You get this!

Hair Trial 007

I had my hair trial this past weekend and I am so happy with how it turned out.  Here are the pictures!

Hair Trial 008  Side

Hair Trial 005
Front (with Veil)

Hair Trial 002  Back (with Veil)

Hair Trial 003
Side (with Veil)

I love love love love LOVE it.  And I love love love love LOVE the way I feel about myself when I have my hair like this.  Who knew such a simple thing could be such a self-esteem booster?  I felt so beautiful all day with my hair done up!

We are going to make a few small changes on the big day, though.  For starters, we are going to have the bun up a little higher, so the veil will sit higher on my head.  We are also going to tease a bit more for a little more volume to my hair at the crown.  And lastly, the rolls are going to be a bit more defined and cleaner.  I also think we’re going to add some rhinestones.  I keep searching for a perfect hairpiece, but to no avail.  Some tiny rhinestones might be the way I go!

Also this weekend, I found the PERFECT red lipstick for the big day.  I always have trouble shopping for reds—it seems I can never pick the right one.  With the motto “Always Be Prepared,”  I read up on how to pick the perfect red, and gleaned one major tip:  you’ll just KNOW when it’s the right color. I held each color up to the inside of my wrist, as well as to the tip of my index finger (did you know that that area most closely matches the color of your lips?  True story!).  And the articles I read were right, you DO just know when it’s the right color.  I ended up with this one:

Drumbeat Red

L’Oreal Colour-Riche in Drumbeat Red.  I decided against a long-wear lipstick or stain because, to be perfectly honest, I hate them.  I don’t care if I have to reapply, because this lipstick is the perfect color and texture for me! 

So, all in all, a good weekend in the wedding hair and makeup department! 

Did you do a hair trial?  Got any ideas for me about hairpieces?

*All photos taken by my rockin’ stylist, Robin.


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Hair & Makeup Inspiration

*The blogger enters stage left and heads to the lone microphone at the center of the stage.  She taps it gently—tap, tap, tap—and clears her throat.

Hello, is this thing on?

I feel like it’s been so quiet around here lately, but the truth is I am just in a holding pattern right now.  All of the big stuff is done, a lot of the little stuff is done, and I am just working on random projects here and there right now.  I am sure things will start to pick up again in a few weeks, but lately I feel as though I am scraping the barrel for posts!  Please forgive me, and please keep reading…I’ve got lots to blog about but most of it’s not ready yet. 

Today, I want to talk about hair and makeup.  I am pretty sure I’ve got the styles I like down!  Check another thing off the list.  My “official” hair trial isn’t until August, so I have a lot of time to change my mind, but I keep going back to the same hairstyle over and over:

Hair 5 The low bun.  I just love the classic look this hairstyle provides, and this picture is basically how I want my hair to look!  It’s not too
prom-y, and it’s very elegant…just what I am looking for. 

Here’s a mish-mosh of photos I plan to take into my stylist.

Hair 2This is my very favorite one in the bunch.  I LOVE the way this bun looks.  I don’t know if I have enough hair for it, but I definitely want to try!

 Hair 1 I love this one…definitely not a simple bun, but still has that simple elegance I am looking for, if that makes sense.

I picture the front of my hair being something like this:

Hair 3Parted, off to the side.
(All of the above photos are from Project Wedding) 

As far as makeup goes, I am blessed to have a truly makeup-talented friend, KDoc, as one of my bridesmaids…and she’ll be doing my wedding day makeup!  I think you’ll notice one common theme amongst all my inspiration pictures…

Makeup 1

Makeup 2

Makeup 3 (The first two photos are from Project Wedding,
while the photo of the lovely Michelle Williams is from The Examiner)

Red lips.  Yep, I’m going for it!  KDoc—can we go shopping at Sephora for makeup supplies soon?  🙂

How did you decide on your wedding day style?  Are you doing your own hair and makeup?


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Hair & Makeup Inspiration

I am really looking forward to the upcoming weekend (how sad, it’s only Monday!!).  Bridesmaid K and I are getting together to work on some stuff for our upcoming dance recital (if you’ll remember, I teach ballet to 3 & 4 year olds, and K handles the older girls, ages 5-7).  Not only that, but we’ll be working on some wedding projects, too…namely, another hair trial and a makeup trial!

I will be getting my hair professionally done for the wedding, but K is helping me to define what style I’d like.  She is also, however, doing my makeup for the wedding, so I am excited to see what ideas she has!  Here are some of my inspirations for hair and makeup.  After my first hair trial, I showed you these:

Low Centered Chignon Back
A low centered chignon ala Miss Cowboy Boot

Hair 2
A bump-it style with pretty adornments…

Hair 1 
…And something with a little volume.

Here’s another new style I’m loving:

It’s actually very similar to the style we came up with at my last hair trial!

As far as makeup is concerned, I LOVE this look:



I love the idea of doing a red lip for the wedding.  It’s sassy and very “me.”  Yes, I know, it can sometimes look weird in black and white photos and I will probably  have to reapply a lot, but I trust my photog’s judgment and I think it will look great with my dress!

I also picked up a possible new hairpiece to try out recently, on sale for $7 at Banana Republic.  As you know, I have been questioning my hair flower and have decided that it’s just not what I am looking for, after all.  Hopefully this new piece will work great!

hair clip

It’s a bit smaller than I’d like (about the size of a silver dollar, maybe?), but it was very pretty so I snapped it up while it was on clearance.  I am thinking I will have the stylist tuck the hair clip under some hair, so the clip part is not actually showing and just the pearls and rhinestones are.  I’m not sure it’s the one I will end up using, but hey—I told you I’d get my pearls in there somewhere!

How did you decide on your look for your wedding?  Did it take you multiple accessories and trials, like me?

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Hair Flower, Revisited

**Dr. Groomy:  There are discussions of my dress and accessories in this entry.  DO NOT READ!  Thanks!**

Confession:  I’m having second thoughts about my hair flower. 

If you’ll remember, it looks like this:

While I do really love it, I am starting to feel that it just doesn’t really go with the my dress as well as I had hoped.  I always envisioned wearing a hair flower for the reception, but suddenly, I am drawn to images like these:




Notice a common denominator?  They’re wearing hair jewelry, not hair flowers.  Because of the rhinestones and beading on my dress, I feel like this might be a better way for me to go.  

I do still love the look of hair flowers though.  A few more inspiration ideas I’ve clipped?


Hair Idea

So, gals, thoughts and opinions please!  The lace on my dress is going to be really hard to match, so I think finding a piece of hair jewelry might work better and be able to match easier (hello, rhinestones match rhinestones, right?!).  I am not at all a fan of tiaras, so I won’t be going that route, but I do think I’d like to find a lovely vintage-inspired hair piece to go with my dress.   I will be scoping the bridal store, jewelry departments at major retailers, Goodwill, and my mom’s jewelry box for the perfect piece!   Although I loved the idea of wearing pearls and was hoping to incorporate them on my wedding day, I think it’s time to let that idea go in favor of something a bit more blingy.  Who woulda thunk it?!

Are you wearing a hair flower or jewelry?  If so, where did you get it?


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This past weekend, while bridesmaid dress shopping with my girls, I got another fun activity crossed off my list:  I bought a veil!

If you’ll remember, when I first purchased my dress, I originally thought I wanted a cathedral length veil.  When I got to the store on Saturday and was able to put on the sample of my gown, I tried on several cathedral length veils, and the look was just…so so.  I suddenly felt like I was being taken over by the veil, rather than complemented by it.  So, we switched gears, and I ended up with a beautiful fingertip length veil that perfectly matched my dress:

011 It looks very brown and dark in this picture, but it’s actually a very sheer, light gold.  Once it’s on with my dress, it looks totally gorgeous!

In case you don’t know what “fingertip” length means, here’s a handy dandy little chart I found:

Veil Lengths(Source)

And here are some pictures of me wearing it (I apologize for the lack of quality—I am terrible at taking “selfies!”):


009  So pretty!  I love it!

I also received my hair flower this weekend!  A while back, I contacted the lovely Kate at The Redheaded Actress (also known as the fabulous Mrs. Star!) to see if she could do a custom hair piece for my wedding. 

As you know, I wanted to wear pearls on my wedding day.  Although I love my dress, it has so much extravagant lace and rhinestone beading that wearing pearls really just won’t…go.  I knew I wanted to incorporate pearls into my wedding day somehow, though, so what better way to do so than with a hair flower?  Working with Kate, we settled on a design we both thought would work well.  I anxiously waited for the package to arrive, and on Monday, it finally did!

I opened up the box to reveal this lovely little package:


And when I opened it up, I saw this:

Hooray!  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  The lace matches the scalloping on the edge of my dress, the flower is gorgeous, and it has pearls in the center.  I love it!  Here is a shot of me wearing it:

And here’s a shot with my veil.  I think they look great together!

012So, my head accessories are complete.  Another item checked off the list!

Are you wearing a veil or hair flower?

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted!


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Hair Trial Number One!

Honestly, I haven’t thought much about my wedding day hairstyle yet.  I have plenty of time to decide, so I am not too worried about it at all.  That being said, when my friend and bridesmaid KDoc offered to come over and play with my hair the week before Christmas, I was stoked!  Although she is not a professional stylist, she might as well be—she is so awesome at doing people’s hair and makeup and has done this type of thing for many brides she knows.  It was quite fun:

(Yes, we were rockin’ the Squirt during the process.  It’s cool.)

We hadn’t talked much about style before this, as I just wanted to see what her ideas might be.  I had mentioned the idea of a low side bun, so she rolled with it.  This is what we came up with:

Before (Please excuse my no-makeup face!)…

and After:



Side View  with the bun (Lame face, Amy!)

Overall, I really liked this style—it was a bit curlier than I had imagined, but I LOVED the way it looked in the back.  I think it would work really well with my dress too!  I think that I like styles that are a bit sleeker, though, and since we have a lot of time to play, KDoc said she would definitely roll with some other ideas as well!  I think we might work on this style a little bit, and make it a little more this:

Hair 1
A little cleaner on the front and sides but still romantic-looking. 

I also ADORE these styles (as seen on Mrs. Cowboy Boot from Weddingbee)  and would like to try them as well:

Low Centered Chignon 

Low Centered Chignon Back 
The “Low Centered Chignon”


Side Bun

Side Bun Back
The “Low Side Bun”

(Source for above four photos)

Finally, I’d love to try something really dramatic too…something along the lines of this:

Hair 2 

Ironically, I just got a set of Bump-Its (don’t hate, they’re fun!) for Christmas as a funny gift from my mom—I could totally use those here, I bet! 

As you can see, I tend to go more for smooth, sleek styles—I think they make a good contrast with my dress…but I also love how the curly, romantic style we came up with could look with the dress too.  Remember how dress shopping went though—I favored one thing but ended up with another, so maybe that’s my hair destiny as well.  Now I ask you:  what do you think?  Sleek and smooth or curly and romantic?

How did you decide on a hair style for YOUR wedding?


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