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Flash Floods.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this news bulletin:  Milwaukee is having major rain issues.  I would be remiss not to share the pictures and stories with you all.

Last night, on the way to meet with our FOCCUS couple from church (more on this soon!), we got caught in a flash flood.  The city of Milwaukee and surrounding areas received more than 7” of rain in maybe two hours.  SEVEN INCHES!  You can hardly imagine what that was like.  Ordinary streets became rivers—with rapids!  Tress went down.  Sewer caps burst.  Two people were struck by lightning.  Roads buckled.  The highway system was crippled.  And a large sinkhole opened up on the east side.   Don’t believe me?  Behold:

Source:  Mark Pawlik for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Groomy and I became stuck on a road called Lincoln Memorial Drive, which runs right along Milwaukee’s lakefront.  It’s where I did most of my marathon training runs, as a matter of fact!  What’s normally a lovely scenic route quickly became a very scary nightmare.  As soon as we realized we couldn’t pass through, we stopped and waited for nearly an hour and a half, until traffic had cleared enough that we could reverse up the hill, turn around, and drive the other way.  It was harrowing, to say the least, as we watched other cars—many smaller than our own SUV—try to get through the flood waters and then become stuck…or worse, float.  Luckily, we were smart and didn’t try to get through the flood waters…but if this ever happens to you, guys, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED STREET.  You don’t know what might happen, what might be hiding under the flood waters, or what might happen to you (see the above sinkhole picture for a prime example).

Once we were safely home, after zigging and zagging through the streets of Milwaukee to avoid flood waters, I went outside to take some pictures of our neighborhood. I think they speak for themselves.

Flash Flood 001

Flash Flood 002

Flash Flood 004

Flash Flood 007

Flash Flood 014

Flash Flood 015

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted.  Do not use without my express written consent.

We made it home safe and we’re just fine.  We’re lucky.  We live in a high rise building, on the top floor.  We have a little water damage in one corner of our apartment, where the water seeped down the wall and peeled up some paint, but otherwise, we’re just fine.  Others here have fared much worse.  Much of the current flooding you see above has subsided, but Milwaukee is in for another round of rain and storms today.  Please keep everyone here in your thoughts and prayers for safe travel and far less flooding this time around!




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On First Looks

Happy Belated 4th of July, gang!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and could spend it celebrating with your families and friends…and to my overseas bloggies, I hope you had a great Sunday nonetheless! 

Today I want to talk about First Looks.  They are a recent addition to the wedding world, and photographers LOVE them.  “What’s a First Look?” My non-wedding-planning-readers may ask.  A First Look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time BEFORE the ceremony…and BEFORE the bride walks down the aisle.  Oh, the horror!  The superstitions!  I know, I know.  But really?  The First Look produces some really wonderful photo opportunities, gives the bride and groom a chance to relax a bit, and can really help with the flow of your day by allowing you to get a lot of the posey-posey wedding party pictures out of the way immediately instead of waiting until after the ceremony.  In short, it’s a great way to help smooth out your schedule and allow you and your groom a few intimate moments together before the ceremony.  And it produces some great photos, like these:

first look 1

first look 2
(Source for above two photos, through this site and this site)

first look 3
(Source by this photographer)

All that being said, Dr. Groomy and I are not doing a First Look.

(Insert record scratching noise here)

I know…sounds like I love the idea of a First Look, right? I do, but…it’s just not for me.  I am not traditional about a lot of things, but when the bride sees the groom and vice versa is one thing that I am pretty certain on. I want that “moment” of walking down the aisle to be the first time we lay eyes on each other that day. I’m also pretty superstitious, believe it or not (ahem, remember how adamant I was about who holds the cake knife?!), and I think there is just something classically romantic about the bride and groom not seeing each other for the first time until she’s walking down the aisle.  I know, everyone who has a first look recommends it and still says that the aisle moment is meaningful…and I believe you, I do…but I also know myself and I know how I’ll feel if I’ve already seen Dr. Groomy.  So, First Look be damned, at least in our book!

Did you do a first look, or are you planning to?  What are your thoughts on this new tradition?

*My apologies if posting is a bit light this week.  I am swamped at the office right now and am struggling to catch up on some wedding projects at home…I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule next week!


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We’ve Been Blogged!

Our fabulous photographer, Sarah Immel, just blogged about our engagement session!  Check out her blog here to see our shoot and make sure to check out more of her fabulous work while you’re visiting!!

Wood(One of my favorites.  Photo by Sarah Immel Photography (duh!) ) 

Yay!  Thanks Sarah!  We can’t wait to have you shoot our wedding!


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Our Engagement Pictures

Or, The Post for Which I Could Not Think of a Witty Title! 

We had over 195 images taken during our engagement session, and I have a TON of favorites that I would love to share with you.  Alas, I decided to narrow it down a bit because even I’m realistic enough to realize you’ll get sick of looking at our mugs soon enough!  Without further ado, here are a few of our favorites:

(All photos by our fabulous photographer, Sarah Immel Photography)

We did our session in the late afternoon, so we had some amazing lighting.  This was one of my favorite shots of the day, and it was taken at the beginning of our session.

AB0010 This was one of the very first pictures we took.  We’re still trying to get comfortable in front of the camera, but I love the snow in the foreground.

Remember those I Do letters?  I Do!  (Ha, I kill me sometimes.)





AB0056 This is one of my favorite shots…it’s just so….us!  I definitely think I want to get this one framed.

AB0059Dr. Groomy and I always crack jokes about making a “serious face” when we’re talking to each other (ie, “Ooh, serious face!”).  Every time Sarah would tell us to be serious, we would giggle—not real good for serious shots, right?!  You can totally tell I am trying not to laugh in this photo, but for whatever reason, I still really love how this shot turned out.

And then I did giggle…a lot!

AB0062  This is a definite framer for me too. 

I love this series of shots…there were several, but these two were my favorites!



AB0083Neat shot of our shadows kissing…pretty artsy, no?  I might get this printed on canvas for our bedroom.

AB0163This one was taken in an alley by some garbage dumpsters…you’d never know it though, would you?!

And there you have it!  We were really happy with our session and we are so glad we took some time to get used to working with our photographer.  We plan to use the photos in our Save-the-Dates (coming soon!), as well as some cocktail table decor (post on that is also coming soon!) and perhaps as part of our table numbers.

Did you have engagement photos taken?


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A Sneak Peek!

I have so much exciting stuff to post about this week:  booking our florist, an end to the shoe saga!!!, and GETTING OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES BACK!

I am still waiting for the disc to come in the mail, but for now, here’s a sneak peak: (please note, these are just screen shots until I can actually get the images from the disc!)




I feel like I accomplished so many miscellaneous wedding things this weekend.  The time is going by so quickly and it finally feels REAL to me—we’re getting married!  I’ve got a busy day on the agenda at the office, but I’ll be back tomorrow for my last installment of the Flower Power series—booking our florist.

At what point did it start to feel real to you?


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The Post in Which I Squeal with Delight

…because we scheduled our engagement photos!  Woohoo!

We will be roaming around downtown Milwaukee with our awesome photographer on Sunday, January 17th.  Yep, we’re doing winter photos!  I am so psyched!  I am hoping the weather is a bit overcast with maybe a little snow, so we can get some great shots like this:

eng1  Source:  Milwaukee’s own MThree Studio (via Weddingbee)

eng2  Source:  Carden Photography (via Weddingbee)

Source:  David Jackson (via Weddingbee)

And of course, we’ll take some awesome city shots like this:


This photo is taken in our neighborhood, which is coincidentally also where we’ll be having our photos taken!

Source for above two photos:  Our awesome photographer’s site!

We decided to have our photos taken in our neighborhood.  Not only is it one of the most eclectic and cool neighborhoods in Milwaukee, but it provides the perfect backdrop for pictures.  I haven’t done a post on this yet,  but through the course of our planning, the wedding has taken on a specific theme:  aside from being an elegant (and rockin’!) party, we also want to use the wedding to showcase our beloved Milwaukee to our guests!  We love it here, and we hope to infuse a lot of details about the city into the weekend’s events.  The engagement pictures will be one of the first things we use to do this!

So needless to say, we are thrilled to be having a city-scape engagement session…now comes the fun of deciding on our outfits (and more specifically, coats!).  (Help please, sister!)

Did you take engagement photos?  If so, share your experience!  Did you have your pictures taken in a location that meant a lot to you?


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On Finding The One

No, I’m not talking about THAT one.  And I’m not talking about this one, either.  I’m talking about finding our photographer!

They say finding your photographer is like finding your wedding dress.  You just know when you’ve met the right one.  I knew I had met ours the very first day I met her at a local bridal show.   Photography is very important to me—I knew I wanted a specific style of photography (namely, more photojournalistic qualities in the photos rather than posed shots), a knowledgeable and experienced photographer who could help make us look fab all day long, and a package that could meet our needs (engagement session, proofs, CD with images and release, an album or two, and plenty of coverage on the day of). 

While stuffing my face with cake samples perusing the aisles at one of the area’s largest bridal shows, I stumbled across a photography booth with photos that just screamed, “Come look at me!”  The photographer’s name was Sarah Immel, and with every photo I looked at, I was more and more hooked.  Sarah and I got to talking and I felt like we immediately clicked.  She took beautiful photos in both black & white and color, every shot was fabulous (she had multiple albums for me to look at) and as we discussed our wedding, she had some really great ideas.

I met her again at several more bridal shows, and each time, I felt her booth drawing me in like a magnet.  I looked at other photographers, crunched our numbers, and discussed with Dr. Groomy our various options.  Each time, I kept going back to Sarah…especially after I met with her one on one—we ended up talking for more than two hours!  It felt like I was hanging out with a good friend rather than a vendor.  While I knew that going with Sarah was going to be a bit of a splurge for us, Dr. Groomy and I both feel that it is definitely worth it.  Her package had everything we wanted, and most importantly, we really clicked!  We are thrilled to have her as our photographer!

And now, for your viewing pleasure…a few of the reasons we picked Sarah as our photographer.

*All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.

Engagement Photos like this one:

Third Ward Area Engagement 
Technically, this couple is already married…but they wanted to do an “anytime” shoot with Sarah.  Cool idea, right?  I love the shot on the left, mostly because that’s the neighborhood Dr. Groomy and I live in and this photo shoot gave me great ideas for our engagement session.

And this one:

Engagement 2

Detail Shots like these:

Detail Shot

Detail Shot 2 

Vibrant color photography like this:

Vibrant Colors  Do the colors on these photos just pop or what?!

And fabulous group shots like this:

Group Image  I seriously love this wedding, by the way.  Isn’t the color palette really cool?  And I LOVE the old school style tuxes. 

Men Image  Love this shot.

Bridesmaids  I really love this shot too…this is sort of how I picture my bridal party looking!  Black dresses, green flowers…

And you can’t forget the sweet moments like these:

Moment 1  Love it when a photographer captures a random moment in time. 

Shoes I am obsessed with shoe, hand, and any other shots where the couple’s faces or main bodies are left out.  They are so classic—almost like artwork rather than photos!

Milwaukee and Wisconsin area brides, be sure to check out Sarah for your next event…she not only does weddings and engagements, but family, maternity, baby, and senior photos too!  You can find her at:  And for more lovely photos, check out her blog:

We’re so excited to work with you, Sarah!


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