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Crate and Barreled

On Saturday, Dr. Groomy and I headed to Crate and Barrel to start our first registry! 

Registering 001

I’m not going to lie—I was super excited about this and kept thinking, “I don’t understand how anyone could get overwhelmed…this is going to be a blast!”  HA!  I was slapped with overwhelmed-ness (is that even a word?!) right when we walked in.  If you haven’t registered yet, listen up:  there is SO much to choose from that it’s damn near impossible for you to NOT get overwhelmed.  Tip #1:  Just remember to take a few deep breaths, and have fun.  You can always change your registry later and you can always return things you decide you don’t want after all.  So have a blast!

Dr. Groomy wielded the gun, while I wielded our checklist. 

Registering 003
(Doesn’t he look just thrilled?!  Haha!)

Tip #2:  Bring a checklist!  There was another couple there registering at the same time as us, and they were just wandering the store aimlessly.  That’s definitely fun to do, but as I said before, it can quickly become overwhelming.  If you have a checklist, it helps focus things down a bit.  The girl from that couple actually joked that she was going to bother us to ask what was on our checklist…so I definitely recommend bringing one.  It made me feel less harried as we wandered through the store, because I knew specific things to look for!  I downloaded our checklist direct from the Crate and Barrel website.  It is a pretty comprehensive list, so I didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere. 

Registering 004
(I am clearly more excited than he was, haha!)

Tip #3:  Register for anything and everything.  Dr. Groomy was better at this than I was—he scanned everything he could possibly think of.  It feels greedy, yes, but the point is to give your guests lots of options in a lot of different price ranges.  Some of the tiny dumb things we registered for that I am excited about:

Avocado 3-in-1 
Avocado 3-in-1 Tool*

Breakfast Mug & Saucer
Breakfast Mugs and Saucers, perfect for cereal and oatmeal*

Strawberry Huller
Strawberry Huller*

*(Source for above three photos)

Tip #4:  Don’t be afraid to register for the big ticket items.  We didn’t register for any furniture, but I think eventually we will end up registering for a patio set or some bookshelves.  Unlikely that our guests will purchase them, but remember—most registries do a completion discount, so you can go back and buy anything that wasn’t purchased.  Big ticket items are also great for group gifts!  Here was my favorite big ticket item we registered for on Saturday:

Registering 002 
Dun dun dunnnnnnn…the famous KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  Actually, I am going to switch mixers though.  This is the 90th Anniversary edition, and the reason I registered for it was because it was the only one there available in red (my favorite color).  We are doing a second registry through the Bon-Ton stores, so I will register for a standard mixer there (also available in red).  I am not crazy about the glass bowl on this one or the extra $100 it costs because it is an “anniversary” edition.

So there you have it—our first adventure in registering.  I’ll offer just one more tip, ladies:  take your man to lunch afterwards!  Especially if he goes to register with you on the first Saturday of NCAA March Madness.  Now that’s love!

How was your first registry experience?

*All photos by me or Dr. Groomy unless otherwise noted.



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Registry Conundrum

This morning, I tweeted this:

Has anyone else felt this way?  I feel like the whole registry process is really overwhelming—fun, definitely!—but overwhelming for sure.  There’s so many things to decide:  Where to register, whether to register at more than one place, what to register for where…and then there’s the logistical things to think about as well:  Are these stores easily accessible to guests?  Do we have enough varying price points on our registry?  Do we really need that, and more importantly, do we even have the room?

Thankfully, so many great blog friends tweeted back at me, DMed me, and even emailed to give me advice.  Thank you!  It’s been decided:  we will likely register at two places, registering for many of the same items at both, and then I will just watch the registries like a hawk and pull items from one when they’ve been fulfilled on the other.  A lot of work, yes, but a lot of fun also! 

Dr. Groomy and I have pretty much narrowed down where we going to register, but we still have a few decisions to make.  We do know, though, that one of the places we register will be:


C&B Logo

(Source – This is the actual store here in Milwaukee)

…aka my homeland, my mother-ship, my little piece of heaven on earth. I LOVE THIS STORE.  I knew, without question, we would register here.  They have great items and fresh decor and offer a wide range of price points, from affordable to expensive.  They also offer a completion program, thank you manager, and have good return polices.  You can see all of their registry policies here

But where else?  Crate and Barrel, while lovely and fabulous, doesn’t have 5 bajillion locations all over the United States, making them easily accessible for our guests.  They have a great online store, but we also want to accommodate those guests who like to see and touch what they’re purchasing (I am much the same way).  We’ve narrowed it down to two other options.  They are:


BB&B Logo

Clearly, a top choice for brides around the country.  They have a ton of locations all over the U.S., and they’re quite affordable.  On top of that, they offer great incentive programs, easy return policies, and great selection.  You can see all of their registry policies here

Option two? 

BT Logo

Don’t recognize it?  This may help:

BS Logo

Bon-Ton is the parent company for stores such as Boston Store, Bergner’s, Younkers, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder-Beerman and Herberger’s.  They have over 230 stores spanning 23 states, and when we register at our local Boston Store, our registry can be accessed at any one of the Bon-Ton stores.  Pretty sweet!  They also offer a completion program, easy returns, and a cash back reward program.  You can see all of their registry policies here

Honestly, I think it will come down to our decision regarding china and linens.  I am not sure yet if we will register for fine china.  I think I’d like a set some day, but I am not sure that now is really the time (because a) we don’t have the room, and b) we wouldn’t really use it at this point in our lives).  I know we want to order new sheets, towels, and other linens, but I am not sure about the selection at either Bed Bath and Beyond or Boston Store.  Sounds like a “research” shopping trip is definitely needed!  :)  Stay tuned for more of our adventures in registering!

Where did you register and why?  Were you as confused by the process as I was?


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