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DIY: Don’t Cry! But If You Do, Use These!

This DIY project actually came to me as I was working on our bathroom baskets.  I had purchased a package of eight tissue packs when I was buying supplies for the baskets, with the intention that I would slip a few of them in with the other toiletries.  While I was working on them, though, I suddenly remembered seeing some cute ideas for personalized tissue packets…and I knew I could definitely make my own version with my newly bought Xyron!

I started out by creating a template in Microsoft Word.  It was easy peasy—I  just measured the top and sides of the tissue packets and created some text boxes in those sizes.  I decided to print “For Your Tears of Joy” on one side, and our monogram and wedding date on the other side.  Then I played around with the the colors and fills on the sides until I had a design I was happy with:

Wedding DIY 018

The next step was trimming each one down to size.  I also recently purchased this trimmer tool from Cricut.  Although it doesn’t work as great as my office’s old school industrial-sized paper cutter (man that thing is a dream!), it does work well for at-home projects.
Wedding DIY 019

And then I ran the trimmed pieces through the Xyron.
Wedding DIY 020

Burnished my edges:
Wedding DIY 024

And voila!  A sticker!
Wedding DIY 021

The next step was to adhere them to the tissue packages.  I found it easiest to start by placing one of the sides, and then wrapping from there.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of this, but it’s pretty much a trial and error thing.  One thing to note:  these will not be perfect.  Get over it now—when you’re dealing with a sticker, it’s hard to get them exactly right every time.  When you do them multiple times, you get pretty good at sticking them, but the first few times they’re not always even.  I figure, though, for as long as people are looking at or using them, they are cute and serve their purpose well, even if the edges aren’t exact.

When you’re all done, you’ll have a nicely wrapped tissue packet that looks like this:

Wedding DIY 022

Wedding DIY 023

And soon, you’ll have a stack of them!
Wedding DIY 025

I plan to display these in another basket (same kind as the bathroom baskets) at the church.  We’ll have one of our ushers offer them to guests as they are seated.  I have a feeling not too many people will use them, so I am only going to make about 25-30 or so.  If they don’t all get used up, I know I will use them! 

So, you wanna make your own?  Lucky for you, I made a template which you can access here.  The font used was Chopin Script, which can be downloaded for free from if you don’t have it on your computer.  Another tip?  I bought my tissue packages at the Dollar Store.  They came 8 to a package, which means I’ll only have to spend around $4.00 to get the amount I want.  Score!

What fun DIY projects have you created on a whim?



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Tutorial: How To Work a Xyron

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I bought a Xyron this weekend!  Specifically, I bought this one:

Wedding DIY 005
This is the Xyron 5” Creative Station, also known as the Xyron 510. 

What is a Xyron?  According to the company’s website, it “creates stickers, labels, magnets and laminate out of almost any item.”  In a word, it’s AWESOME.  I have already made a few wedding projects with it and I know I will use it for a long time to come!

When I was first considering purchasing one, I googled and tweeted and Weddingbee-searched alot [Side Note:  Mrs. Lovebug’s wedding uses a lot of Xyron-created crafts and is a totally fun and amazing wedding!  Go check it out!].  I found a lot of cool craft projects but not a lot of “how-to” on actually working a Xyron.  This is something I would have liked to have known about before I purchased, just to make sure someone DIY-challenged like me would be able to work it.  In the end, I decided to take a risk, buy one, and if it was easy enough, create the very tutorial I was looking for.  Well, guess what, gals?  It is easy-peasy to work and requires no batteries, heat, or electricity.  Here’s how to work it:

When you open the box, your Xyron will look pretty much like the picture above, save for the fact that it will be wrapped in protective plastic.   That’s right, there’s no assembly necessary!  It comes with a permanent adhesive cartridge for making stickers, but you can buy many different kinds of cartridges for making magnets, laminating, etc.   Bonus points because you can swap cartridges in and out without having used them all the way, so you can do multiple different crafts during one crafting session.

My first project was to make stickers to use to close the flaps on small bags of safety pins and toothpicks to go in our Bathroom Baskets.  I started with a sheet of one of our monogram designs, like so:

Wedding DIY 006

Because this is the 5” Creative Station, this means that it can work with items up to 5” in width.  I found this Xyron to be the most affordable, and for me, the most versatile for the type of projects I plan to do.  [Public Service Announcement:  Sign up for coupons from Michael’s!  I used a 50% off coupon on a $49.99 Xyron and got it for only $25.  Not bad at all!]

Next, insert your sheet into the machine:

Wedding DIY 007

Turn the crank:

Wedding DIY 008 
And watch it come out the other side!

 Wedding DIY 009 Now, you hold down the clear plastic cut-guide bar-thingy (obviously not a technical term!), place your finger in the cut blade, and slide it across to cut.

Wedding DIY 010
(Once you start sliding it across, you will not need to hold down the plastic cut-guide bar-thingy anymore).

 Wedding DIY 011 Voila!  The front side of your project will have this clear, Saran-wrap-type substance on it, and the back side is a waxy-like paper.

The next step is called Burnishing.  Basically, to make sure the adhesive sticks to your project properly, you need to rub the edges of your design:

Wedding DIY 012

Remove the clear front sheet and tada!  A sheet of stickers:

Wedding DIY 014

Trim and stick as you please!  Here’s my finished project for our Bathroom Baskets:
 Wedding DIY 015

Cute, no?  And way easy!  I seriously love this machine and totally recommend getting one.

Another plus of getting the Xyron was that it forced me into cleaning out my craft cart (yes, in lieu of a closet or craft room, I have a cart).  It went from completely and utter disarray to this:

Wedding DIY 001 Ah, organized crafting bliss!

What cool machines have you used in your DIY-ing?

*All photos and date blurring by me.


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