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11 responses to “Contact

  1. kdoc


  2. Kelly

    Hi! I love all of your details! You did such a wonderful job. I was wondering if you had a template of the “Milwaukee” welcome bag booklet you put in the bags. I to am getting married in Milwaukee!


  3. amyc13

    Hi Kelly,

    I am sending you an email right now! 🙂

  4. Megan

    Hi! I love all of the DIY paper products you made. Do you have the templates for the cute things you made?

  5. amyc13

    Any templates I used that are available to readers are linked to on the DIY page. If you click on individual projects, it will take you to the post I wrote about them and you can find information on templates there.

    Most of the items I made I did not use a template for. Nearly everything was designed in Microsoft Word and you can find details about specific fonts, etc. in each individual post.

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  6. Beth


    What size picture frames and photos did you use in your table numbers? I love the design and would like to replicate it for my June 2012 wedding.



  7. amyc13

    Hi Beth!

    The picture frames are 8×10 and the photos we used were our engagement picture proofs, which were 4×6.

    Thanks! Amy

  8. Katrina

    You have the greatest ideas for this stuff! I’m hosting a bachelorette party to a Giants game this summer (I’m in SF). Where did you get the t-shirts? Thanks!

  9. Donna

    Hi I was trying to personalize the tissue packet covers but was being unsuccessful. Is there any way that you could email it to me?

  10. amyc13

    Hi Donna,

    Are you having trouble with the download? I just downloaded the template myself and was able to edit it just fine from there. Make sure you are hitting the “enable editing” button that pops up on the top of the screen when you open the template in Microsoft Word.

    I actually don’t have the original of this template anymore so I won’t be able to email you. Please clarify what problems you are having and I will try to help that way! Thanks, Amy

  11. Donna

    Thank you. That helped.

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