Wedding DIY

One of my favorite parts of wedding planning so far has been incorporating a little DIY! I’m no expert, and I am sort of in the middle when it comes to DIY–we’ll be incorporating some DIY to the wedding but letting the professionals handle most things.  Here’s a sampling of my current DIY projects…more will be added as I tackle them!

Creating a Wedding Website

Aisle Pomanders

Creating A Wedding Planning Binder

Creating A Guest List Tracker

Newlywed Signs

“I Do” Letters

Wedding Party Newsletter (Get the template here!)

Bathroom Baskets

“Tears of Joy” Tissue Packets

Save-The-Dates, Envelope Liners

Jill & Noah’s Guest Book

Table Numbers


Welcome Bags

Kids’ Packs

Card Box

Guest Book

Menu Cards

“Cute, Yet Unnecessary”
These projects are an extra way to add some whimsy and fun to your event!

Kissing Wands

Practice Bouquets

“Cold Feet” Socks

Practice Pomander

Practice Ring Bearer Pillow

Chair Signs


2 responses to “Wedding DIY

  1. Natalie

    Thank you for the Bathroom baskets idea – Genius!

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