My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part 3

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Ok, so now that you’ve seen the invitations and the details, it’s time to show you how it all came together on the day of the shower.  I am proud to say that it was a resounding success!

Michelle Bridal Shower 028

We had the shower at a local park, in their community room.  It worked perfectly for the 40 or so women we had attend the shower!  Some examples of the centerpieces…I bought all the flowers at Trader Joe’s, and then at the end of the day, all of the hosts + the bride were able to take an arrangement home.

Michelle Bridal Shower 026  Michelle Bridal Shower 029

Michelle Bridal Shower 027

The community room even had its own kitchen, so that is where we set up the food.

Michelle Bridal Shower 030

Michelle Bridal Shower 034

For the main dish, we offered sandwiches.  Guests had a choice between:

Michelle Bridal Shower 031


Michelle Bridal Shower 032

We also made signs for all the side dishes.  We had things like fruit, veggies, coleslaw, pasta salad, and of course:

Michelle Bridal Shower 033

The spice basket!  It was filled to the brim and then some.  We had every guest bring their favorite spice to share with the bride.

Michelle Bridal Shower 040

Party favors!  Everything was bee or honey themed, and we went all out.  Burt’s Bees chapsticks, honeydew melon candles, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Buns snack treats, mini jars of honey, bee-shaped notepads, bee-shaped nail files…every guest got to take one home.  I wish I had gotten a better close-up on these.  They had cute tags that matched the invites and said “Thank You!”

Michelle Bridal Shower 044

And of course, dessert!  Beehive cupcakes.

Michelle Bridal Shower 025

Aren’t they so freakin’ adorable?!

Michelle Bridal Shower 024

The shower was a really fun time.  We played two short games, but otherwise, it was mostly mix and mingle.  Everyone ate lunch and then B opened her gifts…and that was about it.  It was a really lovely time.  Here is the beautiful bride with all of her shower hosts:

Michelle Bridal Shower 046Left to right:  her mother-in-law, Jolene; sister-in-law, Jenny; friend, Lauren; matron of honor, ME!; the beautiful bride; her mother, Ellen; her sister, Jenny; her other sister, Emily; and her sister-in-law, Jenny.  Yes, they have a lot of Jennys in their family!

Stay tuned!  Next up, I plan the Bachelorette Party.

What was your bridal shower like?  Have you ever had to plan one?



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The Post-Wedding Chop

I promise, I will share the last of the shower photos from the My Best Friend’s Wedding series with you tomorrow.  Today, though, I want to share something else—my post wedding chop!

I just had it done yesterday.  Can you believe I hadn’t cut my hair since before our wedding?!  It was AUGUST the last time I got a haircut.  That is crazy to me because usually I am someone who LOVES getting it cut.  Seriously, I used to grow my hair long just to cut it all off.  I guess I’ve changed a little since my younger days!

Enough with the chit-chat, on to the pics.  I was going for a combination of this:


and this:

Hair 2

And I got it, almost exactly.  Here’s my before:


And here’s the after!

Post Wedding Chop 010

I love it. My head feels 10 pounds lighter, haha!  About 9 inches overall were chopped off…I can’t believe I had that much hair.

Did you/will you get a post-wedding chop?  Will you wait to get it cut until almost 7 months after your wedding, like I did?

Don’t forget, I’m also blogging regularly over at my new blog, The Bookworm Wife.  Come visit me there!


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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part Two

Read part one here!

We had Michelle’s shower this past Sunday and it was a resounding success!  Time to show you some of the details that really helped make the event.

Remember her invites?  I made all of the paper products for the shower to match the invitation suite.

We had nametags for the bridesmaids and mothers…

Michelle Bridal Shower 013

Michelle Bridal Shower 014

These were made with cardstock, my trusty ol’ Xyron,
and some pins + a glue gun.  Easy peasy!

…and a basket for the silverware.

Michelle Bridal Shower 008

Michelle Bridal Shower 007

I also made tags for the food.  We had some that attached to these Bee stands (found at Hobby Lobby):

Michelle Bridal Shower 015

Michelle Bridal Shower 016

And some that were just folded cardstock:Michelle Bridal Shower 017

I made a gift list for easy recording of all the gifts she received.  It looked like this:

Michelle Bridal Shower 020

…and had a list of all of the RSVPed guests.  I also included a few extra spaces for guests who didn’t RSVP but might have sent a gift or shown up anyways.  The gift list had columns to write down the gifts, if they came with a card, giftcard, or any money, and a place for Michelle to check off when she sends the Thank Yous.  It also had space on page two for any miscellaneous notes!Michelle Bridal Shower 019

In terms of décor, you’ll see a lot of that in my next post…but I did want to give special mention to the centerpieces.  I got these cylindrical vases at the Dollar Store and used ribbons to spice ‘em up a bit!Michelle Bridal Shower 001

There were three different options for ribbons.  Big:Michelle Bridal Shower 002


Michelle Bridal Shower 003

And Little!

Michelle Bridal Shower 004

I bought fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s on the morning of the shower and they turned out lovely.  Sneak peek:

Michelle Bridal Shower 026

More to come this week!  Stay tuned.


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The Post-Wedding…Facial Hair?

We’re all well aware of the phenomenon of the Post-Wedding-Chop…that is, when brides, who likely have been growing their hair long for months on end to achieve a beautiful updo for their weddings, CHOP their hair off shortly after getting married.  I myself thought I would be running right out to get my hair cut…but we’ve been married almost 6 months and I have yet to do so.  But ladies, have you ever heard of the Post-Wedding…Facial Hair?  No?  Allow me to explain.

This is the phenomenon that occurs with husbands who can grow facial hair at a high rate of speed.  Many of them choose to go fresh-faced for their weddings…ala my own husband:

Scherm0027L(Photo by Sarah Immel Photography)

Afterwards, however…instead of a post-wedding-chop, they let their facial hair grow.  Sometimes, for months on end, until they have an epic beard like this one:


Then, they might shave their beard, say, at the end of football season, when their team has just won the Super Bowl.  Now it’s time to focus on the next sports, like March Madness…and baseball.  And if you know how superstitious men get about football…well, baseball, it’s like ten-fold.  If your husband decides not to shave for all of baseball season, you’re looking at like, 7 months out of the year of facial hair.  And even he might get annoyed.  So, he decides to find a player with some superb facial hair (hopefully from his own team) to emulate.  And he does. 

Axford  (Source)

And then you come home from work and are scared shitless at the strange facial hair on your husband’s face.


Or maybe that’s just me.


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Wedding Project Revisited: Family Photos

This is technically TWO wedding projects revisited:  our family wedding photo display and the “I Do” letters we used for our engagement pictures and our cake table.

I Do 2


I spent so much time on the family photo display and I LOVED how it turned out at the wedding…




(all 5 of the above photos by Sarah Immel Photography;
all remaining photos in this post are by me)

…so I knew I definitely wanted to incorporate them into our house somehow.  Thus, our “I Do” gallery wall was born!


This wall is to your left when you enter our apartment.  I hung the I Do letters…


And then hung the pictures in various spots all around!


SIGH, some day I’ll get them all to hang straight.  My type-A tendencies mean that I normally don’t go for willy-nilly gallery walls…and truth be told, I’m usually straightening one or the other every time I walk by, but for now, I really do love the way it turned out!  And look, there’s even a brand new picture up there:


Who could that be?!  Hint:  their names are written in calligraphy at the top of the gallery wall.  HA!

Did you find a way to reuse your family wedding photos?


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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Shower, Part One

Thus begins a new series here on Little Miss Wedding Planner:  My Best Friend’s Wedding!

My BFF Michelle is getting married this year (whoop, whoop!) and I am her maid matron of honor.  So, you’ll be getting a behind the scenes sneak peek at my life as a bridesmaid.  First up, planning her shower!

[Note:  Michelle, on the off chance you are reading this post, please stop now.  I want there to be a few surprises for you!]

We decided to go with a “Bee” theme because that’s Michelle’s nickname. In fact, I don’t even call her Michelle, so from here on in, she’ll be known as B.  It all started back when I first met her.  Her little sister, Emily, was only three at the time, and she couldn’t say “Michelle.”  She always called her “Bichelle.”  It caught on with some of our friends, and from there it spiraled from Bichelle to B-chelle (emphasizing the B part), and then just to B.  Now we call her Beezus or B and I can’t imagine calling her anything else!

Anyways, back to the shower.  The bridesmaids and I plus B’s mom and future mother-in-law are all planning it. As I’ve said, we decided to go with a “bee” theme to commemorate her nickname.  I sent the invitations out this week and thought you might like to see how they turned out!


I designed everything in Word using fonts from, then printed them out on regular computer paper.


Then I backed them all in black cardstock, popped them in envelopes, and away they went!


B’s mother-in-law had suggested having each guest bring their favorite spice for B. We thought it was a great idea!  I am planning to put together a cute basket for all of the guests to drop their spices in so she can easily take them all home with her.

Address label front:


And back:


I used double-sided tape to attach these labels and so far, no problems from the post office that I’ve heard of.

I also designed some labels for the food table at the shower that will match the invites, plus a few other surprises to tie everything together. I can’t wait to show you how it all turns out!

Have you ever planned a shower?  Share some tips and ideas in the comments!


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The Post In Which I Finally Tell You About My New Blog

So, first things first.  I’m not actually done posting here!  I still have a few more posts about some upcoming weddings I’m attending (I’m the matron of honor in one), plus the shower/bachelorette I’m helping throw, plus a few more ways we’ve repurposed some of our wedding projects.  So please don’t dump me from your Google Readers quite yet!  I’ll still be updating, though not as frequently as I have been in recent months.  I definitely still love weddings and hope to continue posting here for a long time to come!


Second things second:  time for a little sap.

THANK YOU.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my readers who have supported me throughout this process.  It has been so wonderful to be part of such a fabulous community of wedding bloggers.  It’s kind of hard to put into words—I definitely can’t explain it to most people in my real life, nor do most of them understand—that bond of friendship that forms between bloggers.  It’s a phenomenon, really.  So thank you to all of you who have laughed with me, cried with me, bitched with me, and helped me wade through the waters and wrap my head around this huge, life-changing event.  I lived for your comments and I loved reading every single one.  Your kind words and support left me feeling like I was never alone.  So thank you to each and every one of you for taking a peek into my life and letting me share our wedding with you.  Truly, I’m so grateful. 


Third things third, MY NEW BLOG!!!!!  Drum roll please…

Yep, I jumped off the ledge into my own domain.  And I’m so glad I did!  So head on over and check it out.  Please know that it’s still a work in progress, so there will be many more updates to the look and design in the coming months.  But I just couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you!  You’ll find posts about my life, marriage, home décor, food, fitness, and most of all, books & reading, because above all else, my nerdish “bookworm” tendencies help define who I am.  You might find the posts there a bit different from the ones posted here, as I’m trying to let the “real” me come across more in my blogging (not that you didn’t get the real me here, but, for example, I swear like a sailor in real life so some of my posts there might be a bit more crass).  I hope you’ll follow along on our next adventures!

THANK YOU for reading.

With love,
Little Miss Wedding Planner


*All photos in this post by Sarah Immel Photography.


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