TGIF (and some tips for your bridesmaids!)

Happy Friday, gang!  I’m just popping in quick to first of all say HAPPY WEDDING WEEKEND to Miss Laura over at Lucky In Love.  I’ve been following her blog for a long time and I am so excited that her wedding is finally here! I also want to say a Happy Wedding to our friends Sarah & Chris…unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend their wedding tomorrow because we’re attending a family wedding taking place tomorrow as well, but I wish them all the best for a great day!

Secondly, I wanted to alert you to this great article I found through Weddingbee, regarding the Dos and Don’ts of Bridesmaids.  If you are a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding or you’re having trouble with the ones in your own wedding, perhaps you can get them to read this article—it’s full of great tips.  A couple of my favorites that I think we all sometimes forget:

DO: Get on the dance floor. “The wedding party can really set the tone for the event, and should help get people involved,” says Kim. Dolgin agrees. “The bride really is counting on you to make sure people have a good time,” she said. Direct guests to the bar or the bathroom. And stand up for the bouquet toss.

DON’T: Badmouth the bride. No saying she’s so bossy, no gossiping about how you hate the color of the dress. “It’s especially tricky on e-mails — you can hit ‘reply to all’ and end up sending the message to her,” Dolgin says. “The bride is planning a huge event and she’s under a lot of stress, so be sensitive to her feelings.”

Go read the article to hear the other Dos and Don’ts!!

I’ll be back next week with a Real Wedding Recap, as we attend our first wedding of the summer season this weekend.  Have a good one!



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4 responses to “TGIF (and some tips for your bridesmaids!)

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  2. Great tips. I actually went to a wedding where the bridesmaids/bridal party didn’t really dance or participate much so really nobody danced. So a couple of mutual friends and I got on the dance floor to get people to start dancing lol. It worked 🙂

  3. Ohhh I wish I had this BEFORE the wedding! That’s a really great article!

    And I’m so excited for Laura tooooo! Let’s crash it! 🙂

  4. Em

    I’m in my bff’s wedding next year and we’re actually shopping for BM dresses this weekend. Her bridesmaids are…well, I don’t know them at all. We’re not mutual friends, if that makes sense. And so far, I’m not impressed. I really think I might send this to all of them because they’re gonna need some (read: a lot) direction.

    Have a good weekend!!

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