Farewell, For Now.*

Well, I think it’s time to put this blog to bed.  I don’t have much to post here anymore and I don’t really post anything on a too frequent basis.  I’ll definitely leave the blog up so you can check out all my DIYs (remember, there’s a DIY tab at the top of the page), and you can definitely still comment on any post to get a hold of me (I no longer use the email address associated with this blog).  Please come visit me at my other blog, The Bookworm Wife, where I post my musings on life, books, food, home décor, crafts and more.


Photo by Sarah Immel Photography 

It’s been a great ride and I have loved sharing my wedding planning journey with you all! 

*I may post again someday, if I think something really deserves to be posted here.  I don’t think I can ever close the book on this blog entirely!



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First Anniversary Gifts

We’re back, y’all!  And we had a great time in Boston.  I definitely plan on sharing the pics from our trip with you next week, but first I wanted to talk about our anniversary gifts…because frankly, Dr. Groomy did GOOD and he deserves a shout-out.  Ha!

So, the first anniversary is traditionally the paper anniversary.  I went pretty traditional and got him these:

Boston 050

Tickets to see the play based on the life of Vince Lombardi.  You should  recognize this name, as Vince Lombardi is the name attached to the trophy given to the winners of the Super Bowl each year.  He is a legend in Wisconsin, as he was the coach of the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s, when the team dominated the NFL, winning 3 straight league championships and 5 of them in 7 years.  Quite simply, Vince Lombardi IS Packers football.  And since Dr. Groomy used to be sort of a musical theatre geek back in the day, I knew he would get a kick out of seeing the play based on Lombardi’s life. 

Dr. Groomy…well, he didn’t follow the traditional route but that is because he is AWESOME and got me these:

Boston 049

I attribute this as a direct result of two things: 

1) having a husband who actually listens when I randomly say 6 months ago that it would be nice to have diamond stud earrings some day, since the only thing I ever usually wear is fake pearls ….and

2) being that awesome wife who doesn’t care that—and actually encourages—her husband to spend a hefty amount of money on nice baseball tickets each season, and who, upon arriving home from their first anniversary trip, drives her husband straight to the ballpark so he can attend the home playoff game (true story).

So there are our first anniversary gifts!  How do you celebrate your anniversary?  Do you go the traditional route for anniversary gifts? 

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One Year Ago Today…

…we went to church…


…said our vows…


…and got married!


Then we partied with our friends and family…



Scherm0833L   Scherm0814L


…snuck away for some romantic shots…

Scherm1107L  Scherm1117L


…and had an all around amazing day.


The people who say the first year of marriage is the hardest are liars.  (Well, that, or they didn’t live together for 5 years before they got married!)  This year has been amazing, and we are looking forward to many more years to come!

We are celebrating our first anniversary with a trip to Boston, a city neither of us has been to before.  I’ll be back soon to recap our first anniversary gifts to each other!  I received mine already and let me just say—the hubs did good. 

Read all of our wedding recaps here.

All photos in this post are by Sarah Immel Photography.


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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Finally, The Bachelorette Party!

So, I’ve already talked about my best tips for planning a baseball-themed bachelorette party AND shown you the awesome gift bags I madeToday, you get to see how the party actually turned out!  Three words: TONS OF FUN.

We met at my house and caravanned to Miller Park in two cars.  Once there, we set up our spread and got to partying!

B Bachelorette Party 001

B Bachelorette Party 002

One of the great things about Miller Park is the ability to tailgate.  And we Wisconsinites are serious about our tailgates—we’re talking tents, stereos, bean bag toss, the whole 9 yards. We had a total blast, grilling out and chilling before the game!

B Bachelorette Party 007   B Bachelorette Party 009

The lovely bride to be:

B Bachelorette Party 003

Instead of your traditional “bachelorette” crown or sash, I made her a button—I took a regular Brewers pin and added the “Bride” ribbons to it.  It was perfect for B—not too flashy but still marked her as the bride!

After grilling out and chilling in the parking lot for awhile, we headed into the game. 

B Bachelorette Party 010

Of course, we had to stop and take a few pictures in the “big glove!”

B Bachelorette Party 014

And then we headed up to our seats.  We were waaaaaay up there in the nosebleeds, but it was so much fun.  And we brought in our “Congrats, Michelle!” banner!

B Bachelorette Party 016

B Bachelorette Party 017

After the game was over, we headed back to our cars.  Most of the guests headed home, but Lauren, Jenny, Beezus and I headed out to one of our favorite bars.  We shared a few pitchers and had a great time, then took a cab home & called it a night!

It was a really fun bachelorette party & I know the bride had a great time.  Stay tuned—up next I’ll be recapping the wedding!

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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

Ack, I am so sorry for my absence!  Two weddings in two weeks—both of which I was heavily involved in—makes for a very busy and TIRED Amy. 

Last we left off, I had posted my tips for planning an alternative bachelorette party—in this case, a baseball themed party for my best friend.  Today, I’ll show you how the gift bags came together!

B Bachelorette Party 018

Each bag contained:

A personalized t-shirt…

B Bachelorette Party 019You can see the writing on the front and back of the t-shirts on this post.

A bag of ballpark peanuts…

B Bachelorette Party 020

A package of Twizzlers…

B Bachelorette Party 022

3 Baseballs…

B Bachelorette Party 023

…filled with M&Ms!

B Bachelorette Party 024

Some fun Brewers notepads…

B Bachelorette Party 025

A package of chewing gum…

B Bachelorette Party 026

And a silly Brewers straw.

B Bachelorette Party 027

Of course, I had help from CC while assembling…

B Bachelorette Party 017

I was really happy with how the bags turned out.  Dr. Groomy & I attended another bachelor/bachelorette party the week after this one and I assembled bags for that party too! 


Since it was a much bigger party (30 people compared to 10!), I did these bags on a smaller scale.


They contained:

A mini-stuffed baseball…


A package of ballpark peanuts…


Some bubblegum…


And baseball cards for trading!


I love crafting stuff like this and I am so happy with how both sets of bags turned out.  Most of the materials were found at The Dollar Store & Target, so they were affordable, too!  Please comment to let me know if you have any questions.  The t-shirts were made using the screen printing services of Zazzle, and the poem on the t-shirt was written by the bride’s sister. 

Up next, I’ll post about the actual Bachelorette Party.  And then I will recap her wedding!  Stay tuned…

Oh, and have you checked out my other blog?

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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Baseball Game Bachelorette Party

This past weekend was my best friend B’s bachelorette party.  We went to a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game and had a great time!  Planning a bachelorette party for a baseball game—or another alternative event—is a lot easier than you might think.  Here’s some tips based on what I learned during the planning process!

1. Plan a party based on your bride and decide WHO you’d like to include. For B, we knew right off the bat that a baseball game would be perfect for her.  She is a lifelong Brewers fan & is a pretty low-key gal, so something fun like tailgating at Miller Park (where the Brewers play) was perfect for her.  We also wanted to make sure the event would be fun for her mother & mother-in-law, and her little sisters (both of whom are not 21 yet).  Doing an “alternative” bachelorette party like this allowed all of them to participate!

B Bachelorette Party 008

2. Decide WHAT you want the party to include. We knew we’d be tailgating & attending the baseball game, so we decided that we would make the party cost be one flat rate that all guests could pay that would include “everything.”  For the baseball game, the cost per guest was $40.  This included a game ticket (we went with the $15 variety), a bachelorette party t-shirt, and the tailgate food & condiments.  Everyone was to bring their own beverage & anything they wanted to eat or drink INSIDE the stadium was at their own expense.  This worked perfectly for our group.  We had everyone bring cash or make checks payable to me, and I took care of purchasing the food, tickets, & t-shirts.  Everyone brought chairs & such to the tailgate, but all food, condiments & supplies were provided.

B Bachelorette Party 014 B Bachelorette Party 015
The bachelorette party t-shirts (left is the front, right is the back). 
I’ll be posting more about these in my next post!

3. KISS:  Keep It Simple, Stupid.  We met at one location, caravanned to the park, and everyone paid me ahead of time.  ONE person bought the tickets, the food, etc. so that we weren’t doling money out to several of us.  We kept the food simple too—hot dogs &  brats (so we didn’t have to buy more than one type of bun), simple condiments of ketchup, mustard & relish, chips, veggies, fruit, & cookies.  It was an easy and inexpensive menu to plan and execute.

B Bachelorette Party 002The Food Spread

4. Have fun with it!  If you’re a regular reader, you know that I LOVE to plan fun surprises and do crafty DIY stuff.  I made each guest a favor—a bachelorette party goodie bag—filled with baseball-themed stuff.  I hit up the Dollar Store & the Party Store for most of the fun supplies.  More on this in my next post.

B Bachelorette Party 018

All in all I would say our baseball game bachelorette was a rousing success.  More to come on the party packs & the actual event!  Stay tuned.

What kind of fun bachelorette parties have you planned or attended?

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My [Other] Best Friend’s Wedding

I think I forgot to mention this previously, but guess what?!  My other BFF, Kristin (also known as KDoc), just got engaged and is getting married in December!  [Yes, I am one of those people with multiple BFFs.  Deal with it, please.]  She also asked me to be a bridesmaid, so I’ll be covering her wedding here as well—hooray!  Tons more wedding fun for you guys to ogle.

We started out the wedding festivities last night by going with Kristin to try on bridesmaid dresses and see her top three choices for a wedding gown.  This is going to be a picture heavy post, so grab a cup ‘o joe and pull up a seat.  Here we go!

We arrived at David’s Bridal and got right to work.  I snapped KDoc & her maid of honor (her sister), Lauren, heading into the dressing room to try on gowns.

Kristin's Dress Appointment 001

And then we saw Kristin’s four top choices for gowns.

Choice 1:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 002   Kristin's Dress Appointment 003
This gown was definitely more my style than Kristin’s.  We all loved the lacey, sparkly overlay on the top of the dress, but it didn’t really scream “KDoc” to us.

Choice 2:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 004   Kristin's Dress Appointment 005
This gown was definitely more my friend Hayley’s style than Kristin.  This dress shopping experience was very much a tale of the three bears—er, three dresses.  One was my style, one was Hayley’s style, and one was definitely JUST the right one for Kristin!

Choice 3:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 019   Kristin's Dress Appointment 020 This gown was gorgeous but it was definitely the most expensive one.  We all loved it, but felt it was a little too poofy on the bottom.  Regardless though, this was another great option!

Choice 4:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 011   Kristin's Dress Appointment 012
This dress was absolutely lovely—the best of the bunch.  Just what I would picture her in!

In between KDoc’s dress changes, I got my Royal Wedding on:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 015

Kristin's Dress Appointment 018LOVED all those crazy hats at the Royal Wedding!  I definitely want an excuse to buy and wear one!

And then she picked and accessorized the winning dress!  Obviously, it was Choice 4:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 036

…which she paired with a hair flower, a dainty veil, and some gorgeous jewelry that the three of us bridesmaids decided to gift her with (she wouldn’t have purchased it for herself otherwise, and we thought it was so gorgeous and beautiful and PERFECT for her).

Kristin's Dress Appointment 034

Kristin's Dress Appointment 031 
Close up of the veil

Kristin's Dress Appointment 035 
Close up of the necklace!  It had drop earrings to match.

We took a moment to wax poetic about her side bustle:

Kristin's Dress Appointment 042

Kristin's Dress Appointment 043
(She’s going with the second photo)

…and then it was time to try on the bridesmaid dress we were 99% sure we were going with!  Awesomely enough, David’s Bridal had the dresses available for all of us to try on in our exact sizes and the exact color.  So we got to see what it will really look like instead of picturing it with swatches!

Kristin's Dress Appointment 024LOVE the pockets.

Kristin's Dress Appointment 026
The three bridesmaids, goofing around.  Left to right:  me, Hayley, Lauren

Kristin's Dress Appointment 028
And us with the lovely bride! (Please excuse my waving hand, I was about to stick it in my pocket.)

KDoc also decided that since it’s a winter wedding, she wanted to accessorize with a bolero or wrap.  She decided on a white fur wrap to go with her dress, and we all decided that the bridesmaids would get brown wraps (their wedding colors are this clover green and cocoa).  Here’s what the wraps look like, but in white (picture them in a nice brown fur color):

Kristin's Dress Appointment 030   Kristin's Dress Appointment 023

And then we ordered everything up and headed outta there!  It was a really fun night and I am so excited to bring you more about this wedding in the future.  In the meantime, I’ll be back early next week to post about the goodie bags & favors for Beezus’s wedding!

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I’ll be dividing future posts in this series by the bride’s name!

And in the meantime, have you checked out my new blog?


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