Rehearsal Dinner Revisited

Well, kids, I’ve had the “four-month-freak-out,” which means a lot of sudden spurts of DIY!  Remember this post, where I talked about the advice activity I wanted to do at our rehearsal dinner? Well, I completed the component parts last night!

Rehearsal Dinner 2 001

Rehearsal Dinner 2 002

Since our rehearsal dinner guest lists tops out at around 50 people, I decided to do two envelopes for each life event.  Here are the life events I used:

On Your Wedding Night
On the First Night of Your Honeymoon
On the Night You Come Home from Your Honeymoon
On Your First Night as Homeowners
On the Night of Your First Married Fight
On the Night One of You Burns the Dinner
On Your First Anniversary
On Your Fifth Anniversary
On Your Tenth Anniversary
On Your Fifteenth Anniversary
On Your Twentieth Anniversary
On Your Twenty-fifth Anniversary
On Your Fiftieth Anniversary
On the Day You Find Out You’re Expecting
On the Birth of Your First Child
On the First Night Home with the New Baby
On Your First Child’s First Day of School
On Your First Child’s High School Graduation
On Your First Night as Empty Nesters
On the Birth of Your Second Child
On the Night One of You Loses Their Job
On the Night One of You Leaves Their Job
On the Death of a Parent
On the Death of Your Animal

I wanted us to be able to open some right away, but save others for years!  It will be fun to open them throughout our marriage, I think. 

This project was really quick and easy.  Using our rehearsal dinner motif, I made labels for each of the envelopes that listed the life event on them.  On coordinating, pre-cut cardstock, I glued a piece of regular paper, again in our motif, that says “Please Share Your Advice, Wishes, or a Special Message on this Life Event.”  Here’s what the coordinating pieces look like together:

Rehearsal Dinner 2 003
(Sorry for the use of the flash—I took these pictures at night and just could NOT get enough light on them!)

And some close-ups:

Rehearsal Dinner 2 006 Rehearsal Dinner 2 008

Open the envelope, and…

Rehearsal Dinner 2 005 Rehearsal Dinner 2 010

 Rehearsal Dinner 2 007Rehearsal Dinner 2 009

 Knock another one off the DIY list!  I also recently finished up the other paper products for the rehearsal dinner.  Behold:

Miscellaneous 011
Nametags drying…

Miscellaneous 018

And our “Thank You” Banner for the table where we’ll put our wedding party’s gifts!

I finished the invites, too, but you’ve already seen those.  Up next is finishing off the menus, centerpieces and favors…and then the rehearsal dinner will be all done.

What’s been your easiest DIY so far?

All photos by me.



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7 responses to “Rehearsal Dinner Revisited

  1. That is adorable! Great job!

  2. I think this is such a wonderful idea! Very sentimental which I love! I might have to borrow this idea for our rehearsal dinner! You did a great job. I love the colors you used and the banner is adorable 🙂

  3. This is a really cool idea!

  4. stephanie

    gosh this blog is just full of things i wish i’d thought of. what a GREAT idea.

  5. Aly

    What a super idea! I think your DIY work looks fabulous and I think it’s a super sweet gesture for you to provide for your guests/for them to share with you!

  6. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER! I wish I had done this 😦

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