THE Dress, Part 1

Dr. Groomy—move it or lose it.  Please.  I know you don’t read the blog anyway, but of all posts, this is one that I really don’t want you to read!  I am about to post pictures of my wedding gown and I don’t want you to see me in it.  So go watch some Bucks basketball or play some Wii or something, ok?!  Thanks—love you long time!


Well, as you guys know, I went dress shopping this weekend.  And I found a gown!  Woohoooooooooo!!!  I am so excited!

My dress shopping experience was great.  I went with my mom, Dr. Groomy’s mom, my sister, and my friend KDoc.  We got to the store a little after it opened at 10.  They gave us a rack and said “put whatever you want to try on on this rack.”  It was really fun walking around and pulling dresses off the various racks—that way, my mom could pick one, my sister could pick one, etc.  It was great!  I ended up with a rack of about 9 or 10 dresses.  My consultant then whisked me away to the dressing room to start putting them on!

So how did they look?  I tried on all styles but one dress stood out above the rest.  As I tried on dress after dress after dress (pictures of which you’ll see soon), I kept going back to this dress…

I am waiting for my lovely sister to send me some better pics, but for now, here’s a sneak peak:

Close-Up Cropped

Um, yeah.  Remember how I wanted plain, fabulous fabricSimple, clean lines?  This dress is NONE of those things—the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted.  And yet, it’s just perfect for me.  I can’t wait for you guys to see it…but you’ll have to stay tuned til tomorrow!! 


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